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this update begins gradually to unfold on the Galaxy Nexus devices and S4 Google Edition

Android Key Lime Pie KRS36B was seen on the web

Currently, the latest update known to the operating system Google Android is version 4.3 Jelly Bean was officially announced a few weeks ago. If this update begins gradually to unfold on the Galaxy Nexus devices and Galaxy S4 Google Edition, a recent report shows that a new major update of the Android operating system is already on track to launch this year.

I refer specifically to a major update, as it turns out that this new version starts with the letter “K”, which according to the logic of Android, brings us to another code name assigned to a dessert, and which is nothing other than the Key Lime Pie. Indeed, a Nexus 7 and a Nexus 4 were spotted on a Bug Tracker (error report) Chrome, which turned on a new version of Android. If all the build numbers of the Gingerbread version of Android began with the letter “G”, and the latest updates to the version of Jelly Bean began with the letter “J” as JWR66V JSS15J and it turns out that Nexus 7 and the Nexus 4 spotted door version number KRS36B. The letter “K” therefore refers us to a major update soon.

this update begins gradually to unfold on the Galaxy Nexus devices and S4 Google Edition

This new update brings the version number 4.4 or 5.0, it is certain that his name begins with the letter “K”. If you always follow the logic of Google on the appointment versions of its operating system, this version will be called dessert Key Lime Pie. Of course, nothing is sure until Google officially announced, an announcement that was expected to last May at Google I/O, but that did not take place.

Anyway, so many will attempt on what this new version was announced with a new Nexus 5 to October next, it is against curious, what will be the first Samsung device to equip this new version of Android or will receive in the first update to this version, especially when we know that Samsung is very active regarding the establishment of updates to its new and existing devices.

Best Android Smatphone of 2011

Samsung Galaxy Notes, Motorola RAZR, Galaxy Nexus, HTC Sensation XL, the Android smartphones that, to date, promises to offer the best to consumers experience who are looking to the operating system from Google.
Best Android Smatphone of 2011
The number of smartphones based on Google Android available for sale increases almost seamlessly. Some analysts argue that the input almost continuously in the market for new Android-based smart phones disorient consumers. Other observers argue, conversely, this scenario promotes competition and allows its consumers to benefit from greater choice.
The latest marketed devices are from Samsung, Motorola and HTC, models are Samsung Galaxy Notes, HTC Sensation XL, Motorola RAZR and Galaxy Nexus. The latter, in the Google brand, is manufactured by Samsung. Galaxy Nexus is the first Android smartphone equipped with version 4.0 of Google’s mobile operating system, known under the code name for Ice Cream Sandwich. This is a plus in time, because most of the latest generation Android smartphone will be updated to ICS. In this regard, HTC has announced that Android 4.0 will be available for HTC Sensation, Sensation XL HTC, HTC Sensation XE Rezound HTC, HTC Evo 3D, HTC Evo 4G and HTC 4G Amaze. The update will arrive in early 2012, the Taiwanese manufacturer has announced.
Samsung Galaxy Notes and Motorola RAZR will also be updated to Android 4.0. There should be no problems for Samsung Galaxy S II, the best-selling South Korean manufacturer. The purchase of consumer-oriented mobile handsets and Android intend to take home the best smartphone should refer to the above. According to some experts, including the flagship Android smartphone the podium today, it is for Motorola RAZR. This is a smartphone with touch-technology 4.3-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels. Motorola RAZR is powered by a dual-core processor at 1.2 GHz, 1 GB of RAM supported. The smartphone is available for sale at a price of 599 euros.
HTC Sensation XL with Beats Audio could win the favor of those consumers interested in exploit the multimedia capabilities of the latest generation mobile phones. The sales package of HTC Sensation XL includes Beats Audio headphones, designed to ensure sound reproduction faithful to the intentions of the artists. Compared to the RAZR, the new smartphone from HTC features a larger display, 4.7-inch. Users, therefore, will enjoy more satisfying viewing experience, at least on paper, even larger space available to users who choose Samsung Galaxy Notes with a display of 5.3 inches. Samsung Galaxy Notes is a device halfway between a smartphone and a tablet. The question is if the size does not undermine, in daily practice, the portability.