Galaxy S3 Wireless Charging

It is now possible to use a wireless charging kit on the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone also. Fortunately, for Galaxy S3 wireless charging, you don’t need to buy an extra cover or a new charging station, if you already have one standard kit for charging wireless; in fact, you will only need a load receptor.

Indeed, unlike the case of the Samsung Galaxy S4 where it is essential for you to buy a battery cover and a special charging station that will be used only on the Samsung Galaxy S4, you only have to buy a load receiver that costs less than 10 dollars, which easily attaches to the battery of your Samsung Galaxy S3, without additional accessory weight or bulk to your mobile.

Of course, there is no question of an official accessory produced by Samsung, because as you know well, Samsung has never had the idea to do this, which makes it even more interesting since load receptor works on all standard wireless charging stations, such as the Nexus 4 among others.

As you could see from the images, the installation of the load receptor is quite easy because you can just stick it on your Galaxy S3 battery with a sticker, which makes it even more convenient if you use multiple batteries simultaneously. Then you only have to place the cover normally, and you can immediately start charging your battery by placing it on the charging station. In addition, unlike other devices with a wireless charging kit, it is not difficult to find the correct position of the device to power the load.

So if you do not have a wireless charging station, it is recommended that you purchase the wireless charging station of Nexus 4, which seems to work fine on the Galaxy S3.

Therefore, if you have a Galaxy S3, and you dream of one day be able to use a recharge via wireless kit, you are advised to buy the load receptor. So if you already have a wireless charging station, you only have to buy the load receiver for about 15 USD, if this is not the case, the complete kit will cost you about 50 USD.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone With Higher Autonomy

British magazine, published in today’s day an interesting infographic that shows the results of some tests about the battery of the leading smartphones of the moment. The magazine, in particular, has tested the battery life of the following smartphones: Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z, LG Nexus 4, HTC One, BlackBerry Z10, Apple iPhone 5 and Nokia Lumia 620.

The infographic presents the results of 3 well test: talk time, Internet browsing and autonomy in charging time, all results are expressed in minutes. The infographic (found at end of article) you can see how the smartphone with greater autonomy is called the Galaxy S4, followed by Xperia Z and the Nexus 4.

how the smartphone with greater autonomy is called the Galaxy S4, followed by Xperia Z and the Nexus 4

When surfing the Internet, the situation remains unchanged with regard to the first place in the smartphone with higher autonomy Galaxy S4 again but this time followed by the Xperia One and the BlackBerry Z10.

Regarding the test charging, the situation is distorted and sees the first place that iPhone 5 with faster charging waives high autonomy, followed by the Lumia 920 and the Galaxy S4, which is able to maintain even in the latter test a podium finish. You can control yourself autonomy in minutes and the position of the smartphone via the infographic found below.

Regarding the test charging, the situation is distorted and sees the first place that iPhone 5

Pre-Order Wireless Charging Kit For Samsung Galaxy S4

Those eagerly awaiting the commercialization of wireless charging IQ Samsung Galaxy S4 can finally rejoice, as it is now pre-order on several U.S. sites at the price of $ 90, you can finally say goodbye to congestion that provide the son chargers.

Wireless Charging Kit that can load power of 650 mAh

So this charging kit includes a rear cover charge and loading buffer. If you intend to use it everyday, it will immediately be used to cover a little larger than that found by default on the Galaxy S4. In addition, the cover may very well take over the NFC connection. Otherwise, the charging station is a little smaller than that found on other devices, and is slightly curved upwards and to facilitate sliding of the smartphone on the device, in contrast to what has been found on Nexus 4.

Technical data for the charger, so it provides a load power of 650 mAh which is quite reasonable considering the 500 mAh provided by a USB 2.0 port. In comparison, a wall charger provides 1A. We can deduce that this wireless charging station load slower than a conventional charger.

Therefore, if wireless charging kit for Smartphone Galaxy S4 interests you, you should wait a few days to get it for a sum of $ 90, about 68 euros. A price may be a little high, but still interesting.