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HTC Myst The Facebook Phone With 5 Megapixels HD Resolution

It is not the first time we talk about the possibility of a Facebook mobile. Indeed, on occasion been released, along with Taiwan’s HTC, a terminal with a dedicated button giving direct access to the famous social network. Now, has leaked, with the name of HTC Myst, a mobile that could be the rumored Facebook mobile.

HTC Myst at 4.3 inches diagonally with a maximum resolution of 1280x720 pixels HD resolution

HTC sounds like the manufacturer can get back to work side by side with Facebook. And in this case, the information has revealed in Unwired View brings to the table the existence of a new terminal-baptized-codenamed HTC Myst. This mobile, though not the most powerful on the market, supposedly would have a rather interesting sheet. And thinking it would be more focused for intensive social network.

First, the screen would come this HTC Myst at 4.3 inches diagonally with a maximum resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels HD resolution. Similarly, with regard to the declared capacity, a dual-core processor and a working frequency of 1.5 GHz would be responsible for moving the set. However, with the direct support of a one gigabyte RAM.

HTC sounds like the manufacturer can get back to work side by side with Facebook

Furthermore, the internal memory where you can store all types of files would reach a figure of 16 GB, but apparently the HTC Myst lacks a slot where you can insert memory cards, the user should gain storage space using a solution based Internet services, which are numerous.

Meanwhile, it has also been known photographic information from you. It shall be composed of two cameras: one front with 1.6 MPx sensor and one rear which would be five megapixels. Moreover, being a midrange mobile, it would be possible to see the new technology HTC Ultrapixel.

Finally, according to the leaks, the HTC Myst would be based on Google’s Android. And that would be implemented version is 4.1.2 Android Jelly Bean. HTC Myst also be able to connect to 3G networks and next generation technologies have different file sharing. Sources say that the terminal is in the approval stage and that its release could be located at some point next spring.

specs of HTC Wildfire C smartphone

Specs of HTC Wildfire C smartphone

Within the range of Android mobile of the Taiwanese firm HTC has highlighted a phone like the most affordable and simple terminal, aimed at users who want to learn the use of tactile devices equipped with many features, albeit in small proportions. It is the HTC Wildfire, a phone that was renewed last year with the HTC Wildfire S and that would be near reissued with improved third version of this model: the HTC Wildfire C.

specs of HTC Wildfire C smartphone

The HTC Wildfire C is a phone that is associated with which they talked with the code name HTC Golf. This HTC Wildfire C would debut, supposedly, in a couple of months, during the next June, although at the price you would not know. However, if you continue the tradition that the manufacturer is displaying this line, one would expect without risk of error that would be a relatively affordable mobile to be a smartphone.

In performance, the first details known of this HTC Wildfire C are very encouraging in the case of a mobile intelligent input. It has a touch screen of 3.5 inch the same size as the iPhone from Apple. The decision to develop the panel would be 480 x 320 pixels, integrating a quality camera with up to five megapixels.

The processor, in turn, would have a capacity of between 600 and 800 MHz and as to the device memory, an internal storage capacity of about four GB, while the RAM would stay at 512 MB. Of course, no shortage of the memory expansion slot via microSD cards. As is also standard in the last terminal of HTC, the HTC Wildfire C take the audio profile, Beats and a front camera, though in the picture that has leaked through PocketNow no trace of the secondary sensor.

It is noteworthy that HTC does not include the HTC Wildfire C in Category One, a family made so far by HTC One X, HTC One V and HTC One S, emphasizing the brand Wildfire. The reputation enjoyed by the users name in the input could be behind the decision.

In its market segment, the HTC Wildfire C will be a phone that is called to compete with phones like the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus or the Nokia Lumia 610, i.e. phones that despite having adjusted to the terminal benefits of midrange the smartphone market, including a range of features that will not leave room for the user to miss some function. In such cases, the balance between price and performance on the device is the strongest argument in the face of your target audience.