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iOS 5.1 passes the testing phase and is about to be released

Several months ago, Apple provident send to beta testers version 5.1 of its mobile operating system. Now, just hours after the official presentation by the iPad 3, get news about it, that iPhone OS 5.1 Gold Master, or the latest subversion in the development of a version of the firmware, would finally passed the testing phase.
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iOS 5.1 passes the testing phase and is about to be released
So, iOS 5.1 would be ready for release to the public. This could lead to Tim Cook and his call for tonight’s new material on stage for the next release of the Yerba Buena Center. Not least, so the idea that the new Apple tablet may already factory installed iOS 5.1.
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Update of Apple iOS 5.0.1 worsen battery life

Apple iOS 5.0.1 (released yesterday) not only would not solve the problem of the battery which is discharged too quickly, but instead it have made things worse! In a survey of the famous portal 9to5Mac, on over 10,000 votes, 52% reported a normal situation, 29% problems before and after the upgrade, and only 18% improvement. There are those who complain, for example, a decrease from 100% to 23% in about 6 hours without any particular stress or intensive use. And you? Are you well as you stumbled into the same problem, you have solved or the situation remained the same? Let us know in the comments.

Recall that the battery problem afflicting mainly with iOS 5 natively installed in iPhone 4s and to a lesser extent the other two iPhone (4 and 3G), iOS 5.0.1 update while with the situation should have improved. It only remains to wait for more consistent feedback and a formal response from Cupertino.

As i os update don’t resolved the i phone problems, how to fix battery is still a problem for i phone 4s users.