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Thousands of accounts are affected by an error of Instagram

Have you experienced problems with your Instagram account in the last few hours? Did you received a message alerting you that your account has been deleted for violating the terms and conditions of the social network? Do not worry, you are not the only person to find this situation: thousands of Instagram users today have reported that their accounts had disappeared, having been eliminated from Instagram, without notice.

Thousands of accounts are affected by an error of Instagram

A lot of users claimed that the ruling was given after posting a picture without using the camera application. The news has spread virally through Twitter, in minutes, with lots of “instagramers” baffled at the thought that their accounts had been fully eliminated, with all the photos and personal information. However, Instagram already has ruled on the matter and confirmed its users that it was all due to an internal fault.

The accounts affected are already being recovered without any information lost and from Instagram have ensured that the failure has occurred “a few hours”.

At that time the platform no longer offers this problem to their users.