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Comparison between the screen of the Galaxy S3 Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5

Comparison between the screen of the Galaxy S3, S4 and iPhone 5

This time the expert review display, DisplayMate, looked at the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S4 by comparing its performance with the Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5. From the first diagnosis, it appears that significant progress has been made to the Super AMOLED technology brand.

A rapid evolution in the display

Comparison between the screen of the Galaxy S3 Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5

Side view, the verdict is clear. The latest in the line is double than its big brother in terms of resolution and number of pixels (8 to 13 million pixels), and despite a few inches of differences in the dimensions of the screen. This same screen 1080p 5 offers a pixel density of 441ppi and a sub-pixel density 312ppi, slightly less than its iPhone counterpart which displays 326 ppi subpixels. This difference results from the fact that the Galaxy S4 prevailing green.

Precision signed Super AMOLED

Accuracy side, the presence of Super AMOLED speaks for itself. It is the reference in terms of color saturation. Increased image quality is at the rendezvous as was the case with the Samsung Galaxy S3 is also equipped with this technology. This time Samsung has several display modes following criticism suffered by the S3 at its comparison with the iPhone 5. The box has also struggled to put the professional photo fashion shoulder to shoulder with the Adobe RGB standard. Unfortunately, the iPhone 5 still takes over at the video quality, again because of the green.

The resolution of the screen is the best

Regarding brightness, Galaxy S4 takes over from its predecessor. While the manual outlined a progress of 25%, the reality is quite different. It is with surprise that there is a much greater progress. The brightness increased by 68% without affecting the battery life. According to DisplayMate, the younger brother boarded 20% more energy. Otherwise, our Galaxy S4 also wins on the iPhone 5 in terms of the resolution.

A victory over its predecessor

To summarize, compared to the iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy S4 shows a higher resolution, greater consistency with a larger screen bonus. However, it has to make progress on the brightness, accuracy as well as autonomy. Compared to the Galaxy S3, these performances are simply a reason to upgrade to the latest generation. The dimensions of the screen through the pixel density to brightness, little brother shows a landslide.

In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy S4 perfectly assumes its status as a successor to a long line. Believe it or not, this reputation is not ready to fly.

The display of some iPhone 5 has a green halo in the bottom

The display of some iPhone 5 has a green halo in the bottom

The iPhone 5 is still adding problems according to the users. It already have the violet aura that comes out in the pictures made with the main camera, the poor quality of the aluminum in black (skip the paint), small leakage of light on a Board at the top and now comes a new bug: a green halo on the corners of the screen. Screen turns and for a small moment is a green tint in the corners of the screen that disappears quickly. It is as if the screen was “cold” and this fault occurs to start again.

The display of some iPhone 5 has a green halo in the bottom

It is not a serious fault, but is noticeable enough as so that those who purchased an iPhone 5 are somewhat concerned. Some messages of the Forum of Apple refers to the possibility that you can go to get worse with time and you have already finished the year of warranty. Although it have not been accepted some of these problems as a manufacturing error, the latest news on the subject indicate that the mark could have been ordered to make more thorough quality controls that are not “strain” any unit damaged.

At the moment Apple has not done any statement commenting on the new issue of the Green halo on the screen of your newly submitted flagship. That they talked about other controversial as malfunction maps IOS 6, when Tim Cook apologized to all users. However the answer was not so satisfactory reply to criticisms by the violet aura that appears in the photos taken with the iPhone 5, before this the company said that it was completely normal. Something similar happened with the issue of scratch in Black Aluminum, many customers complained that the surface is very delicate and immediately appear peeled areas that let you see the tone lighter below, again assured that it was normal.

The new ruling of the iPhone 5 joins a list that seems to be not to increase. It must also take into account that we are talking about a smartphone that causes much interest in what any small problem takes on great importance. For better or for worse, the iPhone 5 is on everyone’s lips, even though in many cases it is to criticize its lack of innovation. In any case it is not good news for Apple, a company that has always been characterized by their products with a perfect finish.

Steve Wozniak criticizes Apple for the iPhone 5 screen

Steve Wozniak criticizes Apple for the iPhone 5 screen size

Steve Wozniak is once again demonstrating that do not have hairs in the language when launching statements. The engineer and co-founder of Apple in the Decade of the 1970s – 1976 to be exact – next to Steve Jobs disappeared, has stated that Apple is becoming an arrogant company. And it is proving that she is the only one that is right.

Steve Wozniak criticizes Apple for the iPhone 5 screen

Wozniak, who comes out in the media opining about the new inventions of Cupertino, with each release of Apple has been critical of the latest smartphone from the company: the iPhone 5. This model, which has grown four inches diagonally, on screen is not large enough for the co-founder, as stated in a recent interview with the TalkCentral portal.

Engineer – and ex-Apple – would have liked a mobile of larger size, although it has not indicated what would be the exact measurement which made boldface. What if said in the interview is that he would have preferred to have at your disposal, a small iPhone and another big screen size. In addition, it has also made reference to the current market of mobile phone with Android, where most terminals are much larger than the new iPhone 5 diagonals. And the strangest thing, according to Wozniak, is that users do not have problems with them.

Arrogance has carved a niche within Apple, in the words of co-founder. And it is that they (Apple) think that they are the only ones with the absolute truth; the most important thing is that the user can operate the terminal with one hand and is the only excuse that has to defend against competition, he sentenced the multifaceted and media engineer.

Finally, Steve becomes the skin of consumers and offers a final statement: “Not all people want the same thing. A lot of people really like big screen size.” One of the possible reasons that the Samsung Galaxy S3 sales are so good today.

Another claims that Wozniak was that although iPhone 5 have more resolution than other famous smartphones on the market, the feeling that the user has to offer, is that on other computers, you will have more space for content; very interesting aspect for clients that are connected to the network in intensive mode. No member of went onstage to refute the words of co-founder.

If the rumours are true, Apple intends to bring to market a new device: the mini iPad. A more restrained version of the famous tablet; with a lower price – between 250 and 350 dollars – and it is expected to only have WiFi connection, to cut production costs. On the other hand, the iPhone 5 screen size shrink up to 7.85 inches, would adopt the new standard for connecting Lightning, and could also be equipped with a camera. A team that, surely, Wozniak also appears on stage to discuss their impressions.

iPhone 5 have a screen of at least 4 inches

iPhone 5 have a screen of at least 4 inches

As everyone already know, since its launch in 2007 all that has launched Apple iPhones have the same screen size: 3.5 inches. This was nice when the first iPhone models came to light, but now is too small, when all the flagship Android phones have screens that measure at least 4 inches (as in the case of the Galaxy S III, HTC One X, LG Optimus 4X HD, Sony Xperia Ion, etc).

iPhone 5 have a screen of at least 4 inches

Of course, the Retina Display used by Apple in the last two iPhones (with resolution of 960 x 640 pixels) is pretty impressive. However, 3.5 inches is a good size for the display of a high-end smartphone in 2012.
So Apple should do something about it? Well, The Wall Street Journal quoted a person familiar with the matter, saying that the next iPhone screen will be at least 4 inches. No information on the resolution used, but is certainly much that is 960 x 640 pixels.

It is said that production for the screen is scheduled to begin next month, in June. This should give Apple enough time to launch a new iPhone sometime in the third quarter.

Not the first time you hear that the new iPhone will have a larger screen. Reuters reported on this in March, claiming that the new Apple smartphone would have a 4.6 inches screen.

In addition to a larger screen, the next iPhone – possibly called iPhone 5 – to offer LTE connectivity (which is now a must for any high-end phone USA), a quad-core processor, and possibly a new design greatly unibody aluminum case. We must also expect a lot of software improvements.

In any case, it is likely that the next iPhone be a commercial success, as previous versions.

An iPod Nano can also be introduced by Apple later this year. And perhaps this kept the screen size of 3.5 inches. Let’s see, right?