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Touch Access Problems in iPhone 5

Touch Access Problems in iPhone 5?

From Forbes propose an interesting analysis of the hypothetical screen you would see in the iPhone 5, once this device is present on September 12, as Apple made it clear yesterday with the official confirmation. The idea of these publications is to compare the area offering cash access screens all known generations of your Apple paneled 3.5 inches compared to the surface would propose the new model of course that would develop a four inches.

Touch Access Problems in iPhone 5

And is that size matters. A lot. If not, one can only remember the main argument that life held in Steve Jobs to give back to a lug on the screen of iPhone, citing the advantages of betting by 3.5 inches, a size that, according to the design team Apple is the most appropriate way to control the entire surface of the panel with one hand for most users.

However, most manufacturers of competition does not think the same way, and in fact, delaying action on the screen is the hallmark of the high-end of the leading firms in the sector. There have, for example, proposals for Samsung , the direct rival firm Cupertino and owner of the three terminals with larger panels on the market: the Samsung Galaxy S3, with its 4.8 inches and the Samsung Galaxy Note which are 5.3 and 5.5 inches in separate panels.

The analysis have developed Forbes seeks precisely to see how the four-inch screen of the iPhone 5 will be subject to loss of access cash when handling the phone with one hand. And not only that: it is also responsible for studying how will the new format-not only larger but also more elongated with a provision in the vertical coordinate, to the way you perceive the content to be displayed on the screen.

According to them, users who are generous in size hands will not have significant problems in the use and control of the iPhone 5. However, the expansion of size above might give slightly spoil the same comfort for those with smaller hands or fingers, for whom the iPhone 4S and its 3.5 inches represent an ideal size although go to a standard that the vast majority of manufacturers have already agreed to book for the lower-middle range.

What side effects could have this increase and consequent discomfort for some hardcore iPhone? According to a study published in 2008, the result would be an expected decline in product satisfaction. Nevertheless, this report is dated in the year that launched the iPhone 3G and then the idea of living with panels like that populate the market sounded like pure science fiction.

Today, for starters, the widespread acceptance of mobile large format is a fact, the Samsung Galaxy S3 sold over ten million units in less than two months, the same amount that has been marketed in the Samsung Galaxy Note first generation in less a year and besides, the control type screen holding Apple for its iPhone to editing 4S come to focus on the need for any client should manage with one hand, reaching the entire surface of the panel with the effective thumb.

In this regard, and depending on whether the user is left or right, the access area in the upper right and left margins, respectively although given that the coordinate is growing vertically only, the loss will be less than would be expected in other terminals, which inevitably require certain users to use both hands to control the smartphone.

iPhone 5 SIM with a virtual revolution

The iPhone 5 will certainly come in 2012, and unlike the recent iPhone 4s, it’s expected a great technology revolution as opposed to what we saw last Apple smartphone, although with some improvement certainly did a miracle. For weeks, there are questions about what wonders can offer the last real effort of Steve Jobs and rumors began to arrive.
iPhone 5 SIM with a virtual revolution
It seems that the first iPhone 5 could be a new Apple technology thanks to which we have built a kind of SIM card, which will be the forerunner to a whole new generation of iPhone. A revolutionary solution that seems to have already been thrown into a panic telephone companies, who fear being put into the background because of increased users to switch from one operator to another.
Not to mention that there is a chance that Apple itself may act as a virtual new manager, effectively supplanting the traditional operators, with the inevitable fast track towards users. This is speculation, but many are willing to bet that a lot of truth there may be seen circulating the voice of a recent patent filed by Apple regarding precisely a Virtual SIM, NFC connecting to a router. This last could transform the iPhone into a real credit card through which you can make payments in stores that have NFC POS.
Without considering the virtual purchases, such as calls made on the networks of the various telephone operators or online purchases and orders the other hand that smartphones must gradually assume more and more power becoming real all-rounder is a perspective which speaking for some time. Returning to the SIM, it would be a real virtual card that will be integrated directly into the chip.
A solution that would turn even in aesthetic advantage, since that would make you extra space to the iPhone, which could be made thinner and thinner. It’s not just because the space would be saved in thickness with the absence of the slot for the Micro SIM. We’ll see if the rumors are confirmed, but the feeling is that unlike the iPhone 4s, the iPhone 5 really can bring a new revolution.
Of course we remain still in the realm of rumors, but as always Apple products have always talked about and lend themselves easily to any speculation often not true. Waiting to know more in early 2012.