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Vine: Twitter style video social network

The immediacy of information is what has made Twitter one of the social networks most followed and used. However, it seems not to be sufficient for its creators, who have acquired a new independent social network Twitter but it has a lot to do with it. It is called Vine and focuses on the publication of videos with short duration. All to follow in the footsteps of its older sister but with content that Twitter can not produce by itself: the videos.

Vine is only available for iPhone and iPod Touch, but is expected to reach Android very soon. You do not need an account with Twitter to use Vine rather you just have to create your own space independently adding a username and password. After that you can use this videos social network without any restrictions.

videos social network

You need to press the button on the top right corner to start recording. At this point it should be noted that the process is not automatic but you must press on the screen to resume the recording, pausing automatically if you lift a finger. This allows you to capture multiple streams without a video editor, getting a curious montage at the end. After that, you just have to choose how to share social networks (Vine, Facebook and of course Twitter) and add the relevant labels.

The issue of labels is importance for searching new videos from the tab you can choose what you find: nature, food, tutorials to learn how to do something, sports, etc. All with the already charismatic asterisk before the word, brand of Twitter.

Vine is a Twitter style video social network

Vine further emphasizes its home page or wall. It is very similar to that seen in Instagram, you see the latest videos from the people you follow. What is surprising is that, as you move across the screen, the video starts playing automatically and sound, requiring only move up or down with your finger to find all content. And, of course, you can always give love (smiley face icon) or add a comment.

In short, a social network most curious that also could be very important in the future of Twitter. And finally this social network has its own storage space, their reliance on YouTube or Vimeo to save and publish your own videos. Although for now remain independent from each other, only giving the option to use the Twitter account to register Vine.

Meanwhile, users of iPhone can download application for free through App Store.

HD Utopia: A truly original theme that will change the way you use your iPhone

I would like to show you something really different, a theme that will upset the GUI and the use of your device. Utopia HD, a theme compatible with DreamBoard, it absolutely will bring something new to any other theme you have tried so far on your iPhone. This theme is integrated HD images, integrated and customized SBSettings theme, a LockScreen and the ability to activate and use the Widgets.
HD Utopia A truly original theme that will change the way you use your iPhone
I can honestly say that this issue is not just for me. Although I am a big fan of how the text is oriented in the theme Utopia HD is mainly used as a vertical scrolling. I am sure that some will like while others do not, but I recommend you try it at least once. Ssee this video that shows the theme in action:
HD Utopia: A truly original theme that will change the way you use your iPhone

The theme is a mix of images and text, where the sailing will be in portrait mode. You can change some settings the theme if you wish. Like all issues reported to us, this is also compatible with DremBoard. So you need to install the application on your iPhone and then activate the theme later. Of course you find the theme Utopia HD in Cydia.
At this point I’m curious to know what you think!