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iFunBox is an assistant managing our iOS device

Manage your iPhone or iPad without using iTunes

We love our iPhone, not least because it allows us to bring our whole life in your pocket. One of the main functions of your phone or tablet is our take with us our music, our videos and our holiday photos. To manage all this content we offer Apple iTunes a software to manage our iOS device . Personally iTunes is not my cup of tea, do not say it to malfunction or does not have an elegant design, it’s just that it seems a heavy program, sometimes a little slow and maybe something messy.

To make the management task easier, now two applications that allow us to have our iPhone about to very easily and intuitively we bring.

iFunBox is an assistant managing our iOS device

iFunBox is an assistant managing our iOS device. easily we can import and export music, videos, books and apps by simply dragging the files directly from your computer to the application. A function which we also have, and that we really like is the ability to use our iPhone as a mass storage device and to store any files on it as if it were a USB drive.

Not everything was going to be good, and you have things we do not like so much. It is the design case, we would have liked to find a much more careful interface and easy to help make each function in a much easier way. One point that we do not like that sometimes does not behave as it should and does not work as expected.

i-FunBox dot com | Download


iTools is the second option that we present. With a design very carefully and simply allows us an easy way to transfer all our multimedia content from your computer to your iPhone and vice versa. Moreover, as in the previous case also allows us to use our iOS device as a USB external drive. need only drag our music, photos, books, contacts or applications corresponding paragraph and immediately we have everything in our device.

We liked the simple and easy iTools makes managing content without having to go through the software giant apple. The only complaint I can make is that for now we have to use it in English , but it’s no big deal.

iTools | Download

If you’re tired of iTunes and synch your content problems, the two options are more than good. Even if we are allowed, we opted for iTools simply for its simplicity in the interface , with a very careful design, which makes their use much easier and faster.

Note that both devices are free and are available for both OS X and Windows . To function you must have iTunes installed, it is imperative.

videos social network

Vine: Twitter style video social network

The immediacy of information is what has made Twitter one of the social networks most followed and used. However, it seems not to be sufficient for its creators, who have acquired a new independent social network Twitter but it has a lot to do with it. It is called Vine and focuses on the publication of videos with short duration. All to follow in the footsteps of its older sister but with content that Twitter can not produce by itself: the videos.

Vine is only available for iPhone and iPod Touch, but is expected to reach Android very soon. You do not need an account with Twitter to use Vine rather you just have to create your own space independently adding a username and password. After that you can use this videos social network without any restrictions.

videos social network

You need to press the button on the top right corner to start recording. At this point it should be noted that the process is not automatic but you must press on the screen to resume the recording, pausing automatically if you lift a finger. This allows you to capture multiple streams without a video editor, getting a curious montage at the end. After that, you just have to choose how to share social networks (Vine, Facebook and of course Twitter) and add the relevant labels.

The issue of labels is importance for searching new videos from the tab you can choose what you find: nature, food, tutorials to learn how to do something, sports, etc. All with the already charismatic asterisk before the word, brand of Twitter.

Vine is a Twitter style video social network

Vine further emphasizes its home page or wall. It is very similar to that seen in Instagram, you see the latest videos from the people you follow. What is surprising is that, as you move across the screen, the video starts playing automatically and sound, requiring only move up or down with your finger to find all content. And, of course, you can always give love (smiley face icon) or add a comment.

In short, a social network most curious that also could be very important in the future of Twitter. And finally this social network has its own storage space, their reliance on YouTube or Vimeo to save and publish your own videos. Although for now remain independent from each other, only giving the option to use the Twitter account to register Vine.

Meanwhile, users of iPhone can download application for free through App Store.


Jailbreaking: SwitchCleaner for iOS 5 helps to clean the area Multitasking

For those who dabble with the operations of the jailbreak on the iPhone, we present an application installed on iOS5 devices that allows you to clear the memory from running applications that do not wish to remain running in the background taking up resources. The name of this app is SwitchCleaner and you will find in Cydia repository.

The developer r_plus has released this tool, can be used only on iOS 5 devices and provides the user with two improvements for the management of multi-tasking. Natively, when you entered this area, are visible only to applications running in that moment: in this way, the user must press and hold on an icon to enter the editing mode, which turns the familiar red button “delete” to allow the removal of the application from the bar switch. Using SwitchCleaner we will not need to follow all these steps, since the app to change the behavior of the iPhone OS 5 operating system, making it unnecessary user interaction.


The small change in one variable can make sure that when a user enters the area of multitasking, the red button to remove the app running is immediately visible! Just one touch to complete the removal operation without additional touch or expectations. SwitchCleaner was distributed by its creator as an open source project and is downloadable for free for all devices that are based on iOS 5.


To use SwitchCleaner is obviously essential that the device is already unlocked. To do this, you should do a little research in our blog to look exactly the model you have and find the most effective tactic to get direct access to the mobile operating system from Apple, without risking damage to your iPhone, iPod or iPad Touch. Also, when you decide to install applications that come from this environment, you must ensure that we can trust the various development groups in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.