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Tips to save the battery of your Android smartphone

How to save battery life of an Android smartphone

Today we present some tips on how to save the battery life of Android smartphone, there are lots of little tricks, your phone’s settings to the app, which, if performed consistently, can significantly extend the battery life of your smartphone.

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Among the many small steps by which you can save the battery of your Android smartphone are the deactivation of some functions which, when not actually being used, should be turned off as they continue to consume energy in the background.

Tips to save the battery of your Android smartphone

To save energy, you can then turn off the GPS whenever you are not using any app connected, as would be good to turn off the Bluetooth and not keep it up indefinitely, as to keep it on is a waste of energy not just. Similarly, if you are not surfing the internet would be good to turn off the Wi Fi.

With regard to the phone settings, you can not miss the advice on the brightness of the screen: Reduce the brightness means saving energy and constantly, if your smartphone is set to a very strong brightness, it will not cost virtually nothing, the screen will remain highly visible. To increase the battery life it is also useful in reducing the amount of time indicated before the smartphone goes into standby (for those who do not use it extensively, greatly reduce this amount of time may be an optimal solution).

Needless to say that even animated backgrounds for the smartphone may be replaced with normal backgrounds for a lower consumption of battery, and that it is important to also remove the app in excess and unused now, if species are among those that Android charge in a continuous loop to startup. For those who feel they can do without, moreover, it is advisable to turn off the vibration, as it also helps to increase the battery power of your smartphone.

These technique also help to save laptop battery life.

Highlighted Smartphones of Mobile World Congress 2013

Three Highlighted Smartphones of Mobile World Congress 2013

How many times have you fallen overboard your smart phone? Maybe more than you wish, but less than you might expect. In any case, since smartphones represent an investment you have to consider new spending on repairs, not to mention the annoyance that while you cross your fingers that have emerged unscathed from the dip.

One item that caught your attention during the recently closed Mobile World Congress 2013 there are three highlighted devices, for various reasons, become more or less exemplary in this regard. Let’s start with the Sony Xperia Z. It missed the meeting as the top team from the Japanese manufacturer. The Xperia Z is certified IP55 and IP57. Thanks to this, not only to survive and even small dips but also not afraid to action of dust and sand. What’s more, its glass casing is treated so that it holds bumps and drops. The white model also holds very well the traces printed fingers during use, which is not as achieved in purple and black models.

Highlighted Smartphones of Mobile World Congress 2013

This solution is very elegant, but not as hard as it is the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2. What the South Korean manufacturer has designed a bunker with which we could make calls, send messages and connect to the Internet. It is, as it were, to use a smartphone, who does not lack anything. It is a terminal with better balance of performance and quality to inclement hold of almost any type. It is specially designed for users with more athletes, which can be enjoyed on this team one of the latest versions of Google’s operating system, Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.

Another terminal surprised concentrating resistance and aesthetic comes from one of the fastest growing manufacturers, the Chinese Huawei, whose Ascend D2 attracted wide attention. It is another team that we had known prior to MWC 2013, although admittedly much winning in the short distance, especially, if the distance is underwater. A demonstration made clear that the Huawei Ascend D2 supports low water use, even if we receive a call-something that, on the other hand, does not have much use in the practical.

These are not, however, the only equipment designed to withstand as much as possible, despite the awkwardness of the user can handle it. We met at the time the Nokia Lumia 920, which is probably the most reliable against bumps and drops. However, the best is yet to come. Samsung will present on March 14 its new Samsung Galaxy S4 and as it was raised in the wings of the recently concluded annual meeting of the phone, would have on the hardness and strength one of their strengths attractive new-never better.

There are phones of different brands that just use the Android operating system and allow you to download the same app like expensive phones

Which smartphone to choose: two straight ways

If you are looking for the new phone you will have turned in some electronics magazines and you have ideas even more confused than before. That’s why we described some basic tips and some important points that may help you.

There are phones of different brands that just use the Android operating system and allow you to download the same app like expensive phones

Specific immediately that it is not a treaty but just some basic advice for beginners.

If you just want to make calls and send SMS or MMS, you will not use the functions that provides avoid a smartphone that is certainly more expensive.

If your hands are trembling or have the famous “hands ricotta” let go of the touch screen phones surely you will start to call inopportune times unlikely to unknown or with whom you have little confidence.

But if you really want a smartphone in order to have access to email and social apps, the weather and still look for something on the internet so you can choose between an iPhone or a phone with Android or the new Windows phone.

All three systems have the app (i.e. small downloadable applications for free or at little cost) to the most disparate things but in this windows is much more behind its competitors (Apple and Android) and this can be a first discriminating.

To experience then I know that Apple and Android are much easier to use and configure.

Then you must ask the question, but I have to spend those absurd figures (500/600 Dollars or more) to read and send mail, make a check in with foursquare or update my status on FB?


There are phones of different brands that just use the Android operating system and allow you to download the same app like expensive phones (iPhone).

One thing: pay attention to the internal memory available to the phone. Android is structured so as to require a lot of memory to run well and run the app to the fullest.

If your phone (such as the Samsung Galaxy Ace) has only a few megs of internal memory you will greatly limit the app or hack the phone and doing so will void the warranty (place then you are able to do so!)

Then go to a phone with at least 1 meg of internal memory. The fact that you can expand the memory with an additional memory card allows you to upload music, photos and more, but has no effect on the problem that I mentioned above.

Another thing to keep in mind: there are different distributions of Andorid and are generally updated but some can not be upgraded to higher distribution that some app may be usable only from mobile phones with the updated version of the software. (Usually there are apps for all versions so it should not be a problem).

So basically with a mobile phone from cost around 90/120 Dollars you can do pretty much what you would do with a 600 dollars smartphone.

Of course then change other things such as the quality of the camera or other things like that but what about the social functions, navigation and mailing will have no problems.

Alcatel One Touch 995 is unveiled, 4 low-cost Android Smartphones

Alcatel unveiled 4 low-cost Android Smartphones

Alcatel One Touch 995 will be a new smartphone coming out with native operating system Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich. But unlike what you might imagine, the new Alcatel positioned in an affordable price range. To demonstrate that the new update of Google’s operating system will be fully executable even on entry level hardware for the industry, came the first reports on Alcatel OneTouch 995 could debut later this year or at least in the early part of 2012.
Alcatel One Touch 995 is unveiled, 4 low-cost Android Smartphones
Here is a picture collage of the model.
Alcatel One Touch 995 will thus be a smartphone natively mount low range that the highly anticipated operating system Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich formalized with the new Samsung Nexus Galaxy, two weeks ago.
Alcatel One Touch 995 will mount a single-core 1.4GHz processor probably, a 1.3 megapixel front camera, rear camera 5 megapixel and diagonal screen -resolution 4.3-inch QHD probably. It will have multi-touch capabilities.
There will be GPS with digital compass, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Ok all well and good, but the price of the new Alcatel? It will be approximately 200 euros only that is affordable cost that ensure a good number of sales for this Smartphone.