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Nokia Maps also arrives on Android and iOS

Nokia Maps also arrives on Android and iPhone OS

Already, smartphones are used for any operation and, eventually, even if there is time to call or send SMS. Joking aside, it is common practice to use mobile phones with last generation real surfers: there are many solutions for clients of Android, iOS and it is the latter that Nokia has officially launched the mobile version of Nokia Maps, compatible with virtually any system.

Nokia Maps also arrives on Android and iOS

All you have to do is connect your smartphone at http://m.maps.nokia.com/ and you will have immediate access to the service, even if you have an iPhone, iPad or an Android system (also Windows). Yes, you read right: Nokia Maps is not an application that you install an Internet service but entirely built using HTML5. Through the top bar you can type the destination address and be guided to the goal: they are also available 4 levels of control – map view, satellite view, live traffic and public transport. It should be noted that the voice prompts, however, are only available in the walk, then absolutely useless.

A good service that will have the opportunity to grow, but at the moment, there are many better solutions, such as Google Maps, present by default on Android.