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Dual core dual SIM Android Smartphone: Samsung SCH-W999

Samsung has really done in two to create an Android smartphone on the market than dual. The new SCH-W999 is the first smartphone in the world with dual core, dual SIM and dual screen.

Dual core dual SIM Android Smartphone: Samsung SCH-W999

In fact, this phone features a 1.2 Ghz dual core processor that provides high performance in view of Android, for web browsing and applications, plus it has a dual 3.5-inch super AMOLED display with a resolution 480×800. These displays are next to each other so that we can see whether we look at the display the mobile phone front and back. Being a clamshell phone we can close it by obscuring the physical keyboard and still have a touch screen display at our disposal, or otherwise open the clamshell phone and have the physical keyboard and another touchscreen support.
The novelty of this smartphone does not end there: it has also a dual SIM slot then able to receive calls from two different operators simultaneously.
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U.S. smartphone market: Windows Phone, Android gallops

News from Comscore that offers quarterly ranking with the spread of smartphone operating systems in the USA. Data comparing the end of June to September 2011 and portrayed a situation really complicated.
U.S. smartphone market Windows Phone, Android gallops
Windows Phone is making progress but has not yet managed to take off in the stopping at 5.6% of the market. Symbian is now near clinical death and RIM continues to see the ground crumble under the feet with a loss of 4.6%.
Guess who is increased by 4.6 percentage points? Yes, Android is the only OS that is growing and increasingly closer to 50% of the market.
In October, however, have come iPhone 4S and Nokia Lumia, models that could bring about Apple and Microsoft, expecting for the year-end charts to find out.