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The new generation Motorola product is made by Google over a period of eight months of work

The Chief Designer Talks About The Upcoming Motorola Phone

Motorola obviously still lives and has to keep throwing phones, but at some point you should feel the hand of Google. In an interview by the chief designer, Jim Wicks, in PC Mag, we learned some interesting details of upcoming Motorola Phone.

Wicks confirmed that Motorola has a series of phones ready for end of the year, that count most striking feature using a “clean” version of Android, without customization, Nexus style. The new generation Motorola Phone is made by Google over a period of eight months of work.

The new generation Motorola product is made by Google over a period of eight months of work

Now we have spoken in the past that Google was not happy with what was found in Motorola, and major changes will come. Wicks defended his company’s position, arguing that the statements were taken out of context. What is not spoken at any time is the ability to configure phones, introduced by Guy Kawasaki.

Looking for the right size

The second interesting point of Motorola Phone is found in the size of the devices, Motorola and Google want to hit with the inches of the screen, and choose the correct dimensions, beyond the tendency to grow inches to levels uncomfortable for many.

You know, it’s rare that the manufacturer has gone from 4.7 inches, Google’s own Nexus 4 chose that size for reference for the other players on this story. Motorola believes it would be better to have on the market with something smaller. Not expressly mention a size, but we believe that the 4.5 inches is the correct value.

About technical specifications, it is clear that they have to have a model that meets expectations, but not going to go crazy with the race that other manufacturers are stuck. On operators will attempt to launch products more independent of them.

Eric Schmidt creating hype

The current chairman of Google, formerly CEO, Eric Schmidt, described the new phones as “phenomenal” in a speech at the event Dive Into Mobile that organizes AllThingsD. We do not understand what you mean with the tagline, but considers the new line of Motorola will “phone Plus”.

Acer Liquid Express: Android Smartphone with NFC chip

Another Android smartphone coming from Acer which will fall to producer in the medium-low of the market. It’s name is Acer Liquid Express.
Acer Liquid Express Android Smartphone with NFC chip
An android phone that certainly does not stand out in the midst of all the other products on the market since the specifications are within the standards of most other manufacturers quoted at equivalent of the price… Here are the specifications:
3.5-inch display with HVGA resolution
processor 800MHz Qualcomm 7227 CPU
RAM of 512 MB
5 megapixel camera with LED flash
complete connectivity
support for microSD
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and integrated GPS
Android 2.3 Gingerbread
presence of the NFC chip
indicative price of about $ 250.

So it is an Android smartphone that will go ‘to broaden the already wide range’ on the market today. What do you think? From the source it would seem that the arrival of Acer Liquid Express should arrive by the end of November at a price of 249 euros.