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Loozfon target to infect women users

Loozfon, a new Android malware aimed at women users

The new Android malware continues to rise, the high penetration of smartphones with Google’s operating system has boosted the interest of hackers for this platform. So it is important to take precautions. Today we met a new malware called Loozfon that target to infect women users.

new Android malware Loozfon target to infect women users

Japan is the country that has warned Loozfon proliferation, a virus that has been designed to attract users with Android. Unlike other threats that are distributed as applications in unofficial markets, this new virus arrives via email and hook used as a false promise to find a rich man in a short time. The email reports a new browser for Android that lets you find men with money following the preferences of users, those who click on the URL to download and install the application automatically become infected.

Modus Operandi
Explains RedesZone once Loozfon is installed on the phone, starts a countdown in which the malware collects contacts, emails and phone numbers that are sent to a remote server to feed the giant Spam databases. When the user realizes that the application is actually a virus, the phone contact has been clean and the only solution is to start from scratch.

The aim phones and tablets
While security companies have developed solutions to protect smartphones, the best protection is the passive safety of the user. Actions like disable Bluetooth not connect to WiFi networks accepting unsafe or dubious applications are basic tips that can help to protect your computer. We recall that all malware created for economic aims, collect personal data, send premium SMS or unauthorized calls premium numbers.

Firefox 14 beta for Android adds support for Adobe Flash

Firefox 14 beta for Android adds support for Adobe Flash

The company Mozilla has released a new beta version of Firefox for mobile operating system Android. Firefox 14 beta is now available at Google Play and can be downloaded for free on devices with Android 2.2 or higher.

 Firefox 14 beta for Android adds support for Adobe Flash

The browser, as reported in the official blog of Mozilla, has received an updated user interface with a new intelligent screen (amazing screen), more suitable for the design of the platform.

In addition, Firefox 14 for Android adds support for Adobe Flash. Other improvements include faster performance (it is faster to load the browser and web pages), redesign of the homepage, improved zoom and scroll mode for the page, and a text more readable. Finally, this version fixes some bugs.

Source: mobile-review