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The World’s Most Expensive Smartphone Now On Sale

The world’s most expensive smartphone has finally arrived in the market. Those users eager to get one of their units and can take your ticket and travel to Singapore, the land where this event taking place these days, and carry a suitcase full of banknotes to boast of this device.

What do we mean? Del Vertu Ti, a phone that, in terms of technical specifications, would have sounded fairly well early last year 2012, but that jumps to the present day as one piece only ostensible.

Del Vertu Ti is the world's most expensive smartphone

While it is believed that for its arrival in the West, the device in question would have a label base of 10,000 DOLLAR s, its formalization in the Asian market shows a little more expensive, with a price of 75,000 Yuan, the change is little more than 12,000 USD or 9,000 Euros.

In the technical, as we pointed out a few weeks ago, it boasts a display of 3.7 inches, 480 x 800 pixels, 1.7 GHz dual core processor, 1GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, eight cameras and 1.3 MP and the presence of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Significantly, it is the first Android handset from Vertu.

Its astronomical price, perhaps this is because manufactured by hand, with a titanium chassis, sapphire crystal display and some leather.

Three Highlighted Smartphones of Mobile World Congress 2013

How many times have you fallen overboard your smart phone? Maybe more than you wish, but less than you might expect. In any case, since smartphones represent an investment you have to consider new spending on repairs, not to mention the annoyance that while you cross your fingers that have emerged unscathed from the dip.

One item that caught your attention during the recently closed Mobile World Congress 2013 there are three highlighted devices, for various reasons, become more or less exemplary in this regard. Let’s start with the Sony Xperia Z. It missed the meeting as the top team from the Japanese manufacturer. The Xperia Z is certified IP55 and IP57. Thanks to this, not only to survive and even small dips but also not afraid to action of dust and sand. What’s more, its glass casing is treated so that it holds bumps and drops. The white model also holds very well the traces printed fingers during use, which is not as achieved in purple and black models.

Highlighted Smartphones of Mobile World Congress 2013

This solution is very elegant, but not as hard as it is the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2. What the South Korean manufacturer has designed a bunker with which we could make calls, send messages and connect to the Internet. It is, as it were, to use a smartphone, who does not lack anything. It is a terminal with better balance of performance and quality to inclement hold of almost any type. It is specially designed for users with more athletes, which can be enjoyed on this team one of the latest versions of Google’s operating system, Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.

Another terminal surprised concentrating resistance and aesthetic comes from one of the fastest growing manufacturers, the Chinese Huawei, whose Ascend D2 attracted wide attention. It is another team that we had known prior to MWC 2013, although admittedly much winning in the short distance, especially, if the distance is underwater. A demonstration made clear that the Huawei Ascend D2 supports low water use, even if we receive a call-something that, on the other hand, does not have much use in the practical.

These are not, however, the only equipment designed to withstand as much as possible, despite the awkwardness of the user can handle it. We met at the time the Nokia Lumia 920, which is probably the most reliable against bumps and drops. However, the best is yet to come. Samsung will present on March 14 its new Samsung Galaxy S4 and as it was raised in the wings of the recently concluded annual meeting of the phone, would have on the hardness and strength one of their strengths attractive new-never better.

Best Android Smatphone of 2011

Samsung Galaxy Notes, Motorola RAZR, Galaxy Nexus, HTC Sensation XL, the Android smartphones that, to date, promises to offer the best to consumers experience who are looking to the operating system from Google.
Best Android Smatphone of 2011
The number of smartphones based on Google Android available for sale increases almost seamlessly. Some analysts argue that the input almost continuously in the market for new Android-based smart phones disorient consumers. Other observers argue, conversely, this scenario promotes competition and allows its consumers to benefit from greater choice.
The latest marketed devices are from Samsung, Motorola and HTC, models are Samsung Galaxy Notes, HTC Sensation XL, Motorola RAZR and Galaxy Nexus. The latter, in the Google brand, is manufactured by Samsung. Galaxy Nexus is the first Android smartphone equipped with version 4.0 of Google’s mobile operating system, known under the code name for Ice Cream Sandwich. This is a plus in time, because most of the latest generation Android smartphone will be updated to ICS. In this regard, HTC has announced that Android 4.0 will be available for HTC Sensation, Sensation XL HTC, HTC Sensation XE Rezound HTC, HTC Evo 3D, HTC Evo 4G and HTC 4G Amaze. The update will arrive in early 2012, the Taiwanese manufacturer has announced.
Samsung Galaxy Notes and Motorola RAZR will also be updated to Android 4.0. There should be no problems for Samsung Galaxy S II, the best-selling South Korean manufacturer. The purchase of consumer-oriented mobile handsets and Android intend to take home the best smartphone should refer to the above. According to some experts, including the flagship Android smartphone the podium today, it is for Motorola RAZR. This is a smartphone with touch-technology 4.3-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels. Motorola RAZR is powered by a dual-core processor at 1.2 GHz, 1 GB of RAM supported. The smartphone is available for sale at a price of 599 euros.
HTC Sensation XL with Beats Audio could win the favor of those consumers interested in exploit the multimedia capabilities of the latest generation mobile phones. The sales package of HTC Sensation XL includes Beats Audio headphones, designed to ensure sound reproduction faithful to the intentions of the artists. Compared to the RAZR, the new smartphone from HTC features a larger display, 4.7-inch. Users, therefore, will enjoy more satisfying viewing experience, at least on paper, even larger space available to users who choose Samsung Galaxy Notes with a display of 5.3 inches. Samsung Galaxy Notes is a device halfway between a smartphone and a tablet. The question is if the size does not undermine, in daily practice, the portability.