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Once the app to hide photos and videos in Windows has been downloaded, we run it, since it is not necessary to install it, that is, it is a portable app.

How can you hide photos and videos on Android Devices

Currently, one of the issues that we are most concerned about, or should be concerned about, is the privacy of personal documents that we have stored on our devices. A very common scenario, and one that irritates us quite powerfully, is when we lend the computer to another person, colleague, friend or even a family member. As soon as you finish updating your social network, or what you needed to do, chances are that you will browse our personal videos and photos as if they were owned by anyone who stopped by and wanted to see them.

Those things are ours, and no matter how close we are to the person who commits this excess, a difficult feeling surrounds us. So that this does not happen again, we have to implement a system in the computer that allows us to let other people use it without running the risk of them seeing things that belong to our privacy.

Once the app to hide photos and videos in Windows has been downloaded, we run it, since it is not necessary to install it, that is, it is a portable app.

For this there are several methods, being that of hiding videos and photos the safest and easiest to perform. Of course, these procedures will depend exclusively on the type of devices we use. However, in this post we have covered the main operating systems of today Android OS.

Hide photos and videos: Privacy and security assured

One of the few disadvantages that portable devices have is in relation to privacy. Basically it is due to two main reasons, the need to be connected to the Internet, and the ability to be portable, which invites us to leave them at the disposal of anyone who passes by and wants to know what we have stored in them.

Regarding the first point, this is so because in order to connect to the Internet, we must make use of Wi-Fi connections that are not always the safest, such as those at an airport or a café. Otherwise, that is, through the 3G or 4G connection, it could be much more expensive. However, this puts us at risk, since we do not know who may be snooping on those open networks.

But even worse risk is leaving the phone, computer or tablet in places where we know that there are people affected by knowing what others keep on their devices. Of this class of people there are many, they surpass hackers in number and they are also everywhere, perhaps next to us, without us noticing.

An effective solution to avoid prying eyes is to hide all the contents of the cell phone that we do not want others to see. To hide for example photos and videos on Android, there are two very effective methods: Use the integrated option that some phone models have, or use Google Play apps that let us hide photos and videos simply and quickly.

Hide photos and videos on Android without apps

The first method is to use the options to hide content offered by certain latest generation cell phones such as some models from Samsung, LG, Huawei or Xiaomi. Next we will teach you how to hide photos and videos on Samsung and LG phones.

How to hide photos and videos on a Samsung S7 cell phone

Step 1

The first thing we have to do is scroll to “Settings> Privacy and Security> Private Mode”.

Step 2

Once there we select the type of access privately that we want. At this point we can choose between the options “Pattern”, “PIN” or “Password with Fingerprints”.

Step 3

It should be noted that when we activate the “Private Mode” every time we need to see the protected content we will have to introduce the block method that we selected previously. Likewise, a padlock icon will be activated in the notification bar, indicating that private content is accessible.

Step 4

Once this is done, click on one of the photos in the gallery and look for the photos or videos that we want to hide.

Step 5

After that, click on the “More” button , located in the upper right and select “Move to Private” in the drop-down list.

How to hide photos and videos on an LG cell phone

Step 1

We scroll down to “Settings> Fingerprints and Security> Content Blocking”. There we select the type of lock that we want to use: “Pattern”, “Password”, or if we wish to do so, activate the recognition using fingerprints .

Step 2

We scroll to Gallery and select the photos and videos that we want to hide. It should be noted that we can also create a new folder, move the photos and videos there and then lock the newly created folder.

Step 3

Click on the icon of the three points located in the upper right.

Step 4

After that, we select “More> Block”.

It should be noted at this point that if we have configured the automatic upload of photos and videos to any cloud storage service such as OneDrive or Google Drive, it is possible that they will be stored in these services before we can block them, therefore they will remain exposed in the cloud.

Hide photos and videos on Android with 3rd party Google Play apps

In the event that our cell phone does not have any way to hide photos and videos, a good way to do it is through third-party apps, such as those we can find on Google Play.

Of these there are several, however two of the best are Keep Safe Vault and Vaulty, for capacity, security and ease of use.

Keep Safe Vault

This is one of the most popular Android photos and videos hiding applications on the market. Without a doubt, the best feature of Keep Safe Vault is its ease of use, since we only have to open the app and select which Android photos and videos we want to hide. To access these images and videos, all we have to do is enter the PIN, pattern or fingerprint, depending on the method we have selected to hide them.

Other features of this app to hide videos and photos on Android are, for example, the possibility of creating backup copies of photos and videos using a personal cloud, which is also encrypted. We can even send photos and videos safely, which will disappear after 20 seconds.

If you wish, you can download Keep Safe Vault by clicking on this link.


Another of the best applications to hide photos and videos on Android, which is also completely free and very easy to use. To get the most out of it, all we have to do is select the photos and videos that we want to hide and store them in the spaces for it, called “Vaults”, which we can enter later by entering the password or PIN.

With regard to these vaults, it is necessary to emphasize that we can create as many as necessary, each one secured with a different password or PIN , which greatly facilitates the task of keeping all the photos and videos that we want to hide tidy.

Other features offered by this app is the possibility of creating an encrypted backup of photos and videos on Google Drive. In addition to this, every time someone tries to use the app, a photo will be taken, which will be very useful to separate snoopers from educated people.

If you wish, you can download Vaulty by clicking on this link.

Very useful and now almost essential, smartphones are a huge threat to our privacy. that's how

5 ways you can spy through mobile: smartphones are a huge threat to your privacy

Very useful and now almost essential, smartphones are a huge threat to our privacy. that's how
As much as you can put, hackers seem to always have an edge. In a hypothetical game of chess, they would be in front of at least one or two moves, with the ability to be able to foresee what others will do and immediately find suitable countermeasures. So, when you have to find countermeasures to protect your privacy, you need to know where the attacks can come from.

And the smartphone is one of the most used tools to “spy on” (or, to use a softer language, to keep track of your activities). Taking advantage of sensors and hardware components inside, a hacker could not only read our email or access the photo gallery, but could also follow all our movements, know where we are and where we are heading. In short, if someone managed to sneak into the phone, he could know everything (or almost) about our life.

How can you spy on your smartphone

Unlike what is believed, then, the malicious digital do not even have to work too hard to be able to steal information from smartphones “careless”. In the following paragraphs, for example, we will describe 5 ways in which you can spy on your smartphone without you having the slightest suspicion that it is happening. On the contrary: most of the time it is the user himself who absently provides this information, thus making the game of digital pirates looking for data and information to be resold on the dark web.

Log in on the web

Every time you log in to Facebook, Gmail or any other online service, the service manager will be able to discover (even if broadly speaking) the location from which you connect. True, this is not very precise data, but will allow you to provide more or less useful “accessories” services: by exploiting these data, for example, social networks and e-mail platforms will be able to recognize unauthorized access and report them. At the same time, however, this allows the manager to know your movements and always know where you are whenever you use his service. In this way, for example, you will be able to show you geolocated advertising related to services or activities in your area.

Tagging the photos

Although most will seem harmless action, when you are editing a photo (either adding the name, or adding the location where you are) you are giving away precious personal information. In particular, think twice about tagging photos that you will then share publicly: many thieves (the real ones, not hackers) scan the Internet looking for people on holiday to be able to present at home and act undisturbed.

Using Wi-Fi

How many times, while we are on holiday, do we go looking for bars or cafes with public Wi-Fi and free to have a stable connection without the risk of exceeding the thresholds of European roaming ? Here, when we do, let’s remember that the connection is not exactly free. We pay you with our personal information such as an e-mail address or mobile number (data used to log in), places you’re most often in, and so on. This information is then used to show you advertisements related to your preferences and habits the next time you connect. This, of course, giving good security of Wi-Fi hotspots. As you know, hackers often exploit the flaws of public wireless networks to attack connected users and steal their data.

Turning on the smartphone

Even if you disable GPS and any other form of geolocation, our smartphone (but also mobile) will still be traceable and localizable. Such as? Thanks to the cellular network, of course. To work perfectly, the cellular network must be able to precisely locate where the receiver devices are located (the so-called triangulation): in this way you can set the time of the phones, make them connect to the nearest tower (and with the strongest signal ) and much more.

Best Android Applications to Hide Photos and Videos from Gallery

Best Android Applications to Hide Photos and Videos from Gallery

Gallery Lock is one of the best security-related Android apps. After seeing Pocket, great app for the protection of sensitive data, here is all the procedure in step by step how to protect from prying eyes pictures and videos on your Android devices. The app Gallery Lock will allow you to protect your privacy by hiding photos and videos with a password or combination.

Best Android Applications to Hide Photos and Videos from Gallery

If there are pictures and videos that you do not want to be shown, install the application, enter the default password (which will change) to open Gallery Lock. You will see the default folders. To insert images and videos need to be protected by adding the function Share the Gallery.

Other settings allow you to make backups of photos and video, hide annoying suggestions or activate the interesting feature of the app Stealth (including Pro version only) that will hide the Gallery Lock icon from the applications list. You will need to run the app calling a code consisting of * and your password. Either in Lite version or Pro at a cost of € 2.11, Lock Gallery is available for download from the Play Store.

Watch this video to see how to work with Gallery Lock.

Best Android App to hide photos and videos from the gallery

Download Gallery Lock Pro version: HERE

Download Gallery Lock Lite version: HERE