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Galaxy S III could be released in April

The new flagship smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S III, for the Korean brand is getting closer, but still has not specific release date. Long ago, the rumor came that hit the market during April, although this option was rejected officially after a few hours.

Galaxy S III could be released in April

Kim Young-Ha, deputy director of the China subsidiary of Samsung, hinted at the possibility that the terminal may be available for sale on the coming month. This does not mean there is official confirmation that Galaxy S III arrives in April but gives life again to the possibility that the smartphone may appear in a few weeks.

Before the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Asian Corporation announced the launch of the smart phone would be produced by mid-year. In recent days several U.S. media bet heavily that the gadget would be available from May, but the statements of Kim Young-Ha gave way to a new range of speculation.

Samsung would be good start to give some clarity to the issue because we are getting dizzy from so many rumors and possibilities. The fact is that a high-profile directors leave glimpse the possible launch in April is a factor to consider, but until there is more news to be carefully taken with assumptions.