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MoDaCo.SWITCH is a bit special ROM

The first beta MoDaCo.SWITCH lands on the Galaxy S4

MoDaCo.SWITCH is a bit special ROM. Not only does it allow to switch on the fly between the two ROMs simplest way, but it also shares data with each other. A real time-saver and ergonomics.

So far, this ROM was only available on HTC One, MoDaCo.SWITCH now sees with a version of Galaxy S4 following a successful Indiegogo campaign. The first beta comes with several applications including:

SwitchUp: which allows you to search and retrieve updates.
Switch companion: the companion being developed, which allow you to configure certain aspects of switch.
Switch Kitchen: reserved for premium members and some participants in the Indiegogo campaign, which will enable or disable certain features ROMs.

MoDaCo.SWITCH is a bit special ROM

Switch which allows to pass from TouchWiz Google Experience simply by pressing the application icon and select “yes.” It can hardly be simpler, but when in doubt you can find a video of Paul O’Brien, the developer of MoDaCo.SWITCH, presenting the main features.

Finally, for those who are interested in land and MoDaCo.SWITCH, it will take its troubles patiently. Indeed, beta 1 is currently only available to participants in the Indiegogo fundraising campaign. It is quite possible that this is open to everyone, no specifications have been published and therefore we can not know if it will happen and how long. By cons, if you had participated in the campaign, you should have received an explanatory email with a download link.

AllShare Control of Samsung is an application that creates a link between a Samsung smartphone or tablet, and a Samsung TV, a system of Samsung air conditioners a computer

Allshare Control To Control All Samsung Appliances

AllShare Control of Samsung application is a tool to take control from the smartphone or tablet several appliances and this Korean brand to avoid having to carry various controls or interact with them remotely. Features which are in the comfort and the ability to have everything at hand in a comfortable, thanks to the Internet.

AllShare Control of Samsung is an application that creates a link between a Samsung smartphone or tablet, and a Samsung TV, a system of Samsung air conditioners a computer

It is an application that creates a link between a Samsung smartphone or tablet, and a Samsung TV, a system of Samsung air conditioners a computer or a machine of the same brand. And what’s better, it’s possible you connected all at once. You only need to connect various devices to the same network access from home. Furthermore, in the case of computer you need a special program or software to create such a link, which you can download for free from the official website of Samsung.

Once the devices are active and connected to the same WiFi network , you only need to start the application AllShare Control from the device. If you are connecting from the same network, automatically detect the other fixtures available , showing on the main screen of the application the list of appliances available . With this, and just click on the desired device to access their options, which obviously vary between them.

Thus, selecting the TV , for example, is shown in a complete terminal screen remote control to have all the functionality in the palm of your hand. Either change your channel , use the touch screen as a mouse to move through options or even keyboard . Something similar happens if you select the unit air conditioner , where it is possible to regulate the temperature , speed or reduce fan speed , activate the movement of the blades and also establish a schedule of operation.

AllShare Control is a useful tool for the automation of Samsung appliances with WiFi network

More useful is, if anything, the possibility of the casting from the lounge. And it is also accessible to the washer with this application and set the type of wash program and even to set a schedule . A great utility to find the laundry done nothing but get home. Finally there are the possibilities of the computer, which is required to be an Windows PC. Thus, from the application program to launch Windows Media Player to view videos and movies on your phone that are stored on your computer. In addition, you can run programs like PowerPoint , access the folders , start Internet Explorer or use the keyboard.

In short, AllShare Control is a useful tool for the automation of Samsung appliances with WiFi network. One extra point is that some skills in this application also allows distance, ie, away from home, with a connection to the external Internet, controlling the air conditioner or washing machine from work, for example. You can download the application AllShare Control for free through Samsung Apps and in Google Play.

UltimateSOS: The application that will save your life

UltimateSOS is a revolutionary application dedicated to the international emergency. You can enjoy 4 sensational features: application dedicated to everyone from business travelers, who want to feel safer. The application that will save your life wherever you are.

UltimateSOS The application that will save your life

Here are the functions of the application:


  • Call one of the main emergency numbers (police, health or fire department) WHEREVER YOU ARE!
  • No need to remember no emergency number to memory, especially if you are abroad…
  • You are in Spain, France, Germany, the United States?
  • NO PROBLEM! Never worry about anything because UltimateSOS load emergency numbers depending on the place where you are!
  • In addition, if you need to enter more numbers, you can do it at will!



  • Statistically it is proven that not many people know the basics of first aid.
  • But do not worry!
  • UltimateSOS think that, too:
  • You have to choose from a list divided into categories, which will be constantly updated to display the help and possibly do in a situation of danger!


  • You are in danger and you do not know where you are?
  • UltimateSOS shows you the location on the map in real time, and not only… also information such as EIA, HOUSE NUMBER and CITY where you are right now.
  • You can send all this information SMS and E-mail to ask for help from anyone you want.


TrackingMe Enable the service and ask for help via SMS/e-mail. The person receiving the message can connect to a website to display real-time map on your every move! You can decide if you disable the service TrackingME!

Remember: Once deactivated, if you want to reactivate it, you’ll have to postpone the message, it will change just because the authentication data!

This is an indication of TOTAL SECURITY!



You in the dark? Activates the device’s flash with a button.

In addition, you can write any text and it will be translated into Morse code by allowing you to play audio beep and flash!

Find UltimateSOS in the App Store and is located in the Italian Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. It requires iPhone OS 5.0 or later. The size of the application is 1.3 MB only.