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The manual Samsung Nexus 10 is exposed

The manual of Samsung Nexus 10 is exposed

Just a few days left until Google News for the Android ecosystem. It will be next Monday, 29 October, when the Mountain View give to know what has been anticipating for weeks to know: Android 4.2 and new equipment Nexus. In the case of the smartphone, you know the LG Nexus 4, a device that would renew the Samsung Galaxy Nexus; in the case of Tablet, will have opportunity to see what the new Samsung Nexus 10, a device which aims to raise the bar of what you mean by a high-end device – ironically, at the very moment that confirms the trend of the economic input tablets.

The manual Samsung Nexus 10 is exposed

The last thing has been known in this regard opened up the name of the device, as well as part of its design and features. And is that as you have seen (the Korean site Seeko’o, through filtration), the Samsung Nexus 10 user manual exists and is in circulation. Thanks to its pages, a series of data about what you will see in the new terminal of the Asian firm which would be the third direct collaboration with Mountain View for the launch of a device can be removed.

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To begin with, it is clear that the dominant use of the Samsung Nexus 10 is aimed at its horizontal control. The fact that the front camera is located in the central range of the device in landscape position as suggests it. It should be noted that following a trend that has already been patent in smart phones, the Samsung Nexus 10 integrated a designed front LED to report pending notifications in the system. Also draws attention that the charging port would not be linked to the outlet microUSB, but that would have its own native connector – at least according to what is seen in the document.

Samsung Nexus 10 would take a button for ignition and lock, physical control of volume, as well as rear camera with LED flash. It is interesting to note that the Tablet incorporates an output of HD by microHDMI, which multiplies the possibilities of the device, that this could become a solvent Media Player, since we could plug the tablet to the TV in the living room and enjoy videos and web content with HD quality. In the event that we were with a Smart TV this also could be wirelessly, given that Android computers are compliant with the DLNA standard.

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Samsung Nexus 10 will sell presumably with Android 4.2, the new version of the operating system from Google that takes over from Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. So far is only the most recent edition of the system is present on computers current Nexus, as well as the Motorola Xoom, the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Expected these days begin to land at HTC One X and in the coming weeks to start selling the first devices of range mean that they come directly with Jelly Bean – which shall be for the account of, precisely, Samsung, as well as the Japanese Sony.

Samsung Galaxy W i8150 gets updated Value Pack

Samsung Galaxy W i8150 gets updated Value Pack

The Galaxy S i9000 is not the only Android phone from Samsung that are upgrading from Value Pack today. Samsung is offering a similar upgrade to owners of Galaxy W i8150, launched in October 2011.

Samsung Galaxy W i8150 gets updated Value Pack

For now, it seems that the update is being deployed only in Romania and Slovakia (obviously through Samsung Kies).
Prepared for devices that cannot be updated to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, this pack includes some specific feature enhancements ICS, including the ability to change the font size (contacts, calendar and messaging) and the ability to take photos while shooting video.

Two other devices that should receive the Value Pack updates are the Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000.