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Samsung ATIV S is a species of technical steering of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the direction Windows Phone 8

Samsung ATIV S to launch in 2013

Samsung continues to be a bath of crowds with his Samsung Galaxy S3, a mobile that in addition to reach millionaire sales and a high degree of satisfaction among its users, has the backing of the specialized press, which launches mass to recognize him as the best smartphone of 2012. However, the drunkenness of success that is living with this device brings its consequences.

Samsung ATIV S is a species of technical steering of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the direction Windows Phone 8

And if you already overtook in recent days that the demand for the Samsung Galaxy S3 it could have been the cause of a setback in the launch of the Samsung ATIV S deadlines, today he has put on the table new evidence pointing to a delay in the roadmap that the company had traced to the coming-out of its first mobile Windows Phone 8.

Although, as mentioned, it had already raised through rumors that Samsung ATIV S would not see in establishments and European distributors before January 2013, via the ePrice site we have known that, this will be going to launch in Taiwan. So you said during the presentation of the device in the Asian region, where it would be on sale at a price of 500 euros. Unfortunately, Samsung has not acted in respect of plans that would have already laid down in the timetable for the arrival of the Samsung ATIV S to the old continent.

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In a way, the Samsung ATIV S is a species of technical steering of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the direction Windows Phone 8. While the design is not strictly the same as that of the award-winning smartphone with Android, many present in the Samsung ATIV S benefits remembered, not for causation, to the Galaxy S3. Thus, for example, we encounter a screen HD 4.8 inch Super AMOLED and resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels, as well as with an eight megapixel camera, equipped with LED flash and capable of filming FullHD-quality videos.

However, differences begin in the processor. Do not give in this case with the Exynos 4 Quad of four cores at 1.4 GHz, but with a dual drive – core 1.5 GHz. Itself which takes a GB of RAM, although depending on the internal capacity Samsung ATIV S stays in two new versions of 16 and 32 GB – anything from 64 GB-, allowing was, that Yes, the memory expansion via microSD up to 32 GB drives.

It has 3G, Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth and microUSB connectivity. There is a miniHDMI output, although it should not be understood properly as a downside to the device, which also has an attractive aluminium structure that confers to the whole great sturdiness and solidity. You will have to wait with patience, because it is without a doubt one of the Windows Phone 8 to take into account.

The 12 most vulnerable smartphone of the world

Everyone knows, how important security is, in all fields, including smartphones. Indeed, above them, lately, more often become a digital warehouse full of personal information, passwords, telephone numbers, credit card numbers etc. The mobile operating systems are becoming more malicious throats, that for months now “repackage” more and more malware. It’s not a totally new viruses for Symbian and Windows Mobile already existed a few years ago, but with the rapid rise in the market for more advanced systems such as Android also “crap” malignant evolve and affect where they have a greater chance of effectiveness, a situation already seen in the PC industry with Windows. Through Settebassi, remained active on Twitter, here is an interesting link to an infographic by the curated information security Bit9.


how important smartphone security


From research Bit9, emerges as the 12 smartphones are all vulnerable to the world of Android. The iPhone, however, is in 13th place, more “protected” by its rapid adoption by users of newer versions of iOS. Just update the question seems to be a little sore point in the world of Android smartphones that has all the companies involved in the ranking does not shine; unfortunately for quickly updating devices. And do not talk about some of the transition from Android 2.3 to 4.0, just come out and whose absence on most devices is justified: during the months Google has released updates to bug fixes in 2.3 branch, not always promptly accepted by OEMs, which have absolute freedom to decide whether to provide or not. The result is that 56% of Android users have an outdated version of the operating system and thus are vulnerable to additional risks than those relating to the misuse of the product. On the other hand, Apple warrants the supported devices to the latest version of iOS, which includes the bug fixes related to discovered security flaws.


Google may at least partially remedy this situation? Yes, if he can get more authority over licensees of the system. This is damaging because of the same company in Mountain View, which is likely to find an image not too dissimilar to that of Microsoft’s desktop on the security front. You must make at least the obligatory bugfix updates, in a time frame acceptable. This malware will not disappear, nor will the system completely safe even from careless use, but it certainly will help you better manage the situation.