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the most sensitive information is protected but as security filters are hardened

Apple suffered pirate attacks in its developers’ portal

According to the report from Apple, parts of the information of some 275,000 registered external developers would have been stolen.

Ibrahim Balic, a Turkish security analyst, would be responsible for the attack to the portal. It is the first attack’s news against an American company portal.

Apple has been in the news so far run of the year for their possible releases and presentations of products and improved operational systems. Now, they are news on malfunction in their security system, specifically in the portal for developers that is out of service since last Thursday.

According to the official release of the North American company, an attacker tried to access the personal information of the developers; name, postal address, and email address; forcing Apple to prevent access to their page. Company representatives ensure that the most sensitive information is protected but as security filters are hardened, the portal will remain closed until further notice.

the most sensitive information is protected but as security filters are hardened

According to an interview published by The Guardian, a Turkish security analyst called Ibrahim Baliç would be responsible for the attack. Man, based in London, said that his intention was not the attack the site or remove the same information but reporting a total of 13 bugs that allowed access to the information of the users registered on the portal.

He added that just after reporting failures in the system to Apple and upload a video to YouTube with information from some users, portal failed to allow access to the Internet. He says that Apple has not made him any comment in this regard.

It is estimated that 275,000 developers registered on the portal have been white attack, and according to an e-mail sent Sunday night by the company to the developers, it does not rule out that some names and addresses – both physical and electronic mail.

The representatives say they do not know who is behind the attack or their motives: with this, disown Balic participation in the events. The underlying problem is that some users of the site have said they received alerts to reset their password. This information could allow the creation of apps with malware, something Apple already categorically denied that the attack did not affect the code developers.

According to reports from the company, the developer portal is not associated with the customer information from the App Store or iTunes Store and to compensate developers while restoring the site, membership extended periods of users and not withdraws any software that has been uploaded.

This is the first attack that has news that suffers from a website of the American company, but the consequences could be more serious than budgeted. According to other security analysts, the underlying problem might be a massive loss of information from the developers. The attack comes at a bad time for Apple, just prior to the presentation of its new products, including the final version of iOS 7.

If anything serves as a consolation to the Apple company, Ubuntu and Tango also were hacked in recent days.

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