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Samsung featured some products in June 20 London Event

What Did Samsung highlight in London Event?

As you probably already know, last night an event was held in London organized by the South Korean firm in order to present its new products. At the beginning of the conference, Samsung immediately highlighted the three new variants of its flagship smartphone, namely the Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy S4 Active and Galaxy S4 Zoom. The technical characteristics of these devices are of course already known by most consumers, however, Samsung sees fit to do a little demonstration so that everyone is aware of the interest that could provide these products.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

The Galaxy S4 Mini is a variation in average end version of the Galaxy S4. It embeds thus a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED with qHD resolution. Under the hood, the device offers a dual-core SoC clocked at 1.7 GHz driven by 2GB of RAM. A primary digital camera 8 MP equips the device. Its average character range will therefore belittle its price compared to conventional Galaxy S4.

Samsung featured some products in June 20 London Event

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

The Galaxy S4 Active in turn is a more robust variant of the Galaxy S4, as it is IP67 certified. Certification that allows it to be completely sealed against water and dust, making the device able to stay for 30 min under water to a depth of one meter. Aqua mode has been added to the 8 MP digital camera to use this property, and to take a picture with the volume button on the device, because the touchscreen does not work inside the water.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

In any case, Samsung has not failed to demonstrate by placing the product in a container of water. Moreover, the technical specifications of the smartphone are similar to the classic Galaxy S4 except the camera and the screen, because the smartphone will carry a camera of 8 MP instead of 13 MP, and a screen TFT if the Galaxy S4 uses a classic super AMOLED. The SoC quad-core 1.9 GHz Snapdragon 600 followed by 2 GB RAM and battery 2600 mAh will always await you.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Finally, Samsung has focused on the Galaxy S4 Zoom, which is the first smartphone to feature a 10x optical zoom. Of course, if you are a fan of cameras, you might know that the images taken by a digital sensor are less favorable than those with an optical sensor, if one focuses only on the noise, or the color. The same is true for video recording. In addition, the functionality of the camera terminal revolve around its manual zoom on the lens, and can also be used for switching between 25 shooting modes offered.

The Galaxy S4 Mini is a variation in average end version of the Galaxy S4

Finally, Samsung also announced the upcoming availability of new colors for its Galaxy S4 namely blue, purple, brown, and fuchsia for short. We are so eager to have its variants in hand to perform various tests.

The 12 most vulnerable smartphone of the world

Everyone knows, how important security is, in all fields, including smartphones. Indeed, above them, lately, more often become a digital warehouse full of personal information, passwords, telephone numbers, credit card numbers etc. The mobile operating systems are becoming more malicious throats, that for months now “repackage” more and more malware. It’s not a totally new viruses for Symbian and Windows Mobile already existed a few years ago, but with the rapid rise in the market for more advanced systems such as Android also “crap” malignant evolve and affect where they have a greater chance of effectiveness, a situation already seen in the PC industry with Windows. Through Settebassi, remained active on Twitter, here is an interesting link to an infographic by the curated information security Bit9.


how important smartphone security


From research Bit9, emerges as the 12 smartphones are all vulnerable to the world of Android. The iPhone, however, is in 13th place, more “protected” by its rapid adoption by users of newer versions of iOS. Just update the question seems to be a little sore point in the world of Android smartphones that has all the companies involved in the ranking does not shine; unfortunately for quickly updating devices. And do not talk about some of the transition from Android 2.3 to 4.0, just come out and whose absence on most devices is justified: during the months Google has released updates to bug fixes in 2.3 branch, not always promptly accepted by OEMs, which have absolute freedom to decide whether to provide or not. The result is that 56% of Android users have an outdated version of the operating system and thus are vulnerable to additional risks than those relating to the misuse of the product. On the other hand, Apple warrants the supported devices to the latest version of iOS, which includes the bug fixes related to discovered security flaws.


Google may at least partially remedy this situation? Yes, if he can get more authority over licensees of the system. This is damaging because of the same company in Mountain View, which is likely to find an image not too dissimilar to that of Microsoft’s desktop on the security front. You must make at least the obligatory bugfix updates, in a time frame acceptable. This malware will not disappear, nor will the system completely safe even from careless use, but it certainly will help you better manage the situation.