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Best Android App Andmade Share: share with multiple applications

If you are Androidian who likes to share directly from your smartphone all types of files, then you must not miss this app, which will make life easier and not a little. The sharing feature Android works so as to share the file with just one application at a time. Andmade Share, however, allow you to select all the applications that desire to share the file.

Best Android App Andmade Share: share with multiple applications

Installed the app, you will not have to do is select Andmade Share when you are asked to choose the system of sharing, then you put the check on applications with which you want to share, without this just touch on one of the app to launch the selected share. To make it easier for you all set as the default using Andmade Share. This app available for free on Android Market, will make even more rapid sharing of your operations.

Vulnerability: Smartphone apps can secretly access photos

Apps for Android and Apple have significant vulnerabilities. It can secretly access to photos stored on the smartphone. Once the smartphone user has an Internet connection or a location determination agrees, the apps seem to access the images according to a report of New York Times. The leaders of Google and Apple respond very differently to the allegations.

Apps for Android and Apple have significant vulnerabilities

According to reports, the New York Times Android apps do not need permission to access images. It could so happen that the Apps without the knowledge of the user to send images on to the developer. The Android users would not notice anything. The only indication is a faster upload volume consumed.
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The iPhone app is more artistic: Magritte your world

Magritte Your World is a new interesting free application for iPhone of which we speak today. As the name suggests, it is dedicated to the famous surrealist painter and uses the example of the famous painting Golconda to create exclusive content. How does it work? You take a picture or use a picture from the gallery staff and then create an animation with the many men raining from the sky etc. The app has been packaged as a unique promotional content for an exhibition.

free application for iPhone 4
One of the simplest applications at the same time the most evocative background art, Magritte Your World can be free downloaded from the App Store in iTunes (direct link here) , it weighs very little since it stops at 2.8MB and is compatible with devices with IOS 4.2 and up, iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. Below, you can see a series of screenshots showing the simple and intuitive interface. Continue reading