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iPhone 5 have a screen of at least 4 inches

iPhone 5 have a screen of at least 4 inches

As everyone already know, since its launch in 2007 all that has launched Apple iPhones have the same screen size: 3.5 inches. This was nice when the first iPhone models came to light, but now is too small, when all the flagship Android phones have screens that measure at least 4 inches (as in the case of the Galaxy S III, HTC One X, LG Optimus 4X HD, Sony Xperia Ion, etc).

iPhone 5 have a screen of at least 4 inches

Of course, the Retina Display used by Apple in the last two iPhones (with resolution of 960 x 640 pixels) is pretty impressive. However, 3.5 inches is a good size for the display of a high-end smartphone in 2012.
So Apple should do something about it? Well, The Wall Street Journal quoted a person familiar with the matter, saying that the next iPhone screen will be at least 4 inches. No information on the resolution used, but is certainly much that is 960 x 640 pixels.

It is said that production for the screen is scheduled to begin next month, in June. This should give Apple enough time to launch a new iPhone sometime in the third quarter.

Not the first time you hear that the new iPhone will have a larger screen. Reuters reported on this in March, claiming that the new Apple smartphone would have a 4.6 inches screen.

In addition to a larger screen, the next iPhone – possibly called iPhone 5 – to offer LTE connectivity (which is now a must for any high-end phone USA), a quad-core processor, and possibly a new design greatly unibody aluminum case. We must also expect a lot of software improvements.

In any case, it is likely that the next iPhone be a commercial success, as previous versions.

An iPod Nano can also be introduced by Apple later this year. And perhaps this kept the screen size of 3.5 inches. Let’s see, right?

iPhone 5 and iPad Mini with LG screens?

LG will continue to supply Apple for the next device in 2012: we are speaking of rumors about iPhone 5 and nebulous iPad Mini, which could see the light in the coming months. It would be in full design phase, iPhone 5 to reach the markets in late summer while iPad Mini in late spring. The South Korean company, which produces the Retinal Display said the agreement would continue trade with California for the smartphone and the next generation tablets. How truthful can be isolated from these rumors?

iPhone 5 and iPad Mini with LG screens
Of course Apple can not sit down and pull the oars into the boat, but is already working hard on future generations of iPhone 5 and iPad. The next smartphone might be i phone next generation, the iPhone 5 and include all the technical features and components rumored for 2011 (later postponed), perhaps at the behest of Steve Jobs himself.
But, as reported by the newspaper sudocoreano The Korea Times, third-generation iPad could come out in two versions with a more compact variant of the name iPad Mini, with from 7.35 inch diagonal screen in order to compete with various tablet running Android including Amazon Kindle Fire, and Nook Tablet of Barnes and Noble, named just to take examples.
About the diagonal of the screen, from what will be the sixth generation of the iPhone? It still speaks of the fateful 4 inches since the bar has now been ported to these levels, and users are asking a great voice displays greater, broader and therefore comfortable in both entertainment and productivity.