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The smart phone Sony Xperia T is certified for HD calls

The Sony Xperia T is certified for HD calls

Sony Xperia T is the new top model of the firm Japanese, a phone that succeeds the Sony Xperia S and proposing a box of performance significantly improved with a design that retrieves the essence the last batch of mobile Sony Ericsson. But in addition to presenting a series of arguments that make up one of the most attractive smartphones on the market value, the Sony Xperia T made the device more interesting by hiding some features.

The smart phone Sony Xperia T is certified for HD calls

We talk about a feature that has echoed the Japanese company on its official Facebook profile. According to this, between the specifications of the Sony Xperia T is having official certification for phone calls with high definition quality. Basically, this HD system compatibility makes it possible to communications to gain in sharpness and quality, making the sound much more natural, and Crystal which prevents the characteristic hum and electronic tone that accompanies such calls.

The service calls in high definition, unfortunately, is not yet available in so many country. The more similar you could find in the market today is a type of voice calls over IP or VoIP that comes close to the actual results that give HD telephone communications. In this sense, companies such as Orange are joining this, giving it an attractive which, on the other hand, may be recommended such calls.

The high-end latest mobile of Sony carries a 4.5 inch screen with resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels, as well as a potent 13 megapixel camera. Runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, although the manufacturer has already confirmed that it will be updated to 4.1 Android Jelly Bean – the latest version of the Google – platform in the coming weeks. The cell works with a dual core 1.5 GHz processor and carries a GB of RAM. If you want to load data, we will have 16 GB built-in, although it is not limited the option to expand the memory with a microSD card – still 32 GB maximum supported.

On the other hand, the Sony Xperia T takes a very complete connectivity profile. Among other things, it has the classics of all smartphone, i.e. 3 G, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth or microUSB, but also boasts of NFC, for contact, as well as support MHL communications. Sony Xperia T could connect to a screen on which dump contained in HD via HDMI, so would have to resort to an adapter.

accessories to buy for smartphone

What accessories to buy for smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note

The Samsung Galaxy Note has captivated the users engaged in sectors related to the creation, architecture and art in general, since it is a device specially designed for those who need to always carry a notebook in my pocket. In this case, the digital properties of the Samsung Galaxy Note greatly facilitate things, so that in a few months, the phone or phablet (and some professionals call the union, given that the size of your screen exceeds the established canons) has become a selling device. So much so, that the Korean company Samsung has decided to release a second edition will probably be presented on August 29 at an event prior to IFA 2012, the consumer electronics show to be held on time in Berlin. The Samsung Galaxy Note, however, remains as valid as in recent months. For this reason, today we speak of all cool accessories for smartphone that you can purchase to complete and improve the functions of your smartphone… Here we go!
accessories to buy for smartphone
1) Cases
The covers are a must to keep in good condition your Samsung Galaxy Note. The Samsung Smart Shop (official store items of Samsung) will find an assortment of covers useful. The so-called Flip skin is made of soft, but becomes behind a rigid housing which allows access to all functions of the terminal. Engraved with the logo of Galaxy Note and is available in orange for 32 euros. Officers have cheaper alternatives, such as Vertical Pouch Case, also made of leather, color blue and brown. They are on page Samsung for about 22.40 euros.

2) Mobile Charger
Often happens that we forget where you last left the mobile phone charger. If you want to have a lifeguard on hand, not a bad option to purchase a second charger compatible with your Samsung Galaxy Note but also with other devices like the Samsung Galaxy S2, the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It costs 19 euros in store for Samsung.

3) Car Charger
The same goes for users who often spend long hours in the car or traveling often using the Samsung Galaxy Note as GPS. Here’s another interesting solution at your fingertips: a car charger that can be plugged into the cigarette lighter and charge the battery of your device while you’re traveling.

4) HDMI adapter
In the multimedia section, the Samsung Galaxy Note has few rivals. The HDMI cable that Samsung sells through its official store is compatible with this device, but also with the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Samsung Galaxy R. You can play content on a TV bigger, expanding HD content. It costs 30 euros.

accessories to buy for smartphone
5) Stylus
The S Pen is one of the most important cool accessories for smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note. It is thanks to this pen, users have the option of running multiple business applications. The stylus that sells Samsung is the model ET-S110EBEGSTD and is simply a pointer 122mm touch that comes protected in a case. Sensitive stylus tip will help us improve the accuracy at the time of writing. It costs 41 euros.

6) Base loader
If you want to recover the energy of your Samsung Galaxy Note while you’re at work, at home or in the office, you can opt for battery charging base for this model. This is a piece that measures 6.2 x 52 x 68 mm, equipped with a microUSB port and an indicator LED that determines the charge status: in progress or completed. Best of all is that you can go charging the battery while you have your Samsung Galaxy Note running on this table stand. Its price is quite cheap: 16 euros.

7) Desktop support
It is one of the popular cool accessories for smartphone, designed to keep upright the Samsung Galaxy Note as you are loading. You can work with a mains charger, but also with a USB cable, which will make things easier if we have a computer handy. The phone can be placed vertically or horizontally, to watch videos, listen to music or answer emails. The idea is that each user choose freely the position that is most comfortable. It costs 50 euros at the official store of Samsung.

How do you spy on your smartphone from 60 meters

Just a next-generation software and a remote camera to recognize what you type on the touchscreen. Period of great creativity in the world of espionage. After the software that reads what you type on a physical keyboard, the researchers discovered a technique, quickly turned into software, to identify what is happening on a touchscreen display up to a distance of 60 meters.

The trick, as explained by Jan-Michael Frahm, a student of the University of North Carolina at Chapero Hill, is filming the display of the victim, as he writes on the virtual keyboard. At this stage, in fact, the letters are magnified, that is magnified on the screen with a graphic effect that encloses a kind comic balloon. It is not directly recognize the letter is sufficient to analyze the position of the balloon on the screen to discover it. To implement the diabolical plan just another smartphone, equipped with video recording function, although the poor resolution agrees not to exceed a distance of about three meters. With a powerful camera, or SLR camera instead, you get even 60 meters. The condition is to be preferred of course behind the victim, but it seems that the trick also works by analyzing the reflection of a window display, up to distances about 12 meters. And no, not slip into the victim’s home, think about how many windows there are fine in airports, train stations and conference rooms.

Researchers are not certain of fools, and they also noticed that adjacent letters in the keyboard, such as E and R, have overlapping balloon. So the spy program, which is called iSpy, a function approximation that incorporates c’azzecca in 90% of cases. Recognized letters, iSpy is then able to identify and then words, then sentences, and then all the facts you write your smartphone amiably. Including the Access Credentials (read “user names” and “password”) to your online account. Personally I do not think that now we will be invaded by individuals willing to spy on us, but the fact remains that some persons, with a much privacy at risk, would do well to wait for the next plane only reading a good book.