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Samsung stated that he needed all that space to provide all the new features of its flagship smartphone

Samsung will fix storage problem on the 16GB Galaxy S4

After the controversy over the limited storage space 9 GB and 16 GB models of the Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung said at the BBC report on the smartphone that will address this problem. In fact, if you have a Galaxy S4 16GB, and you looked at the storage space available to you to store apps and games, you will find that you will not be entitled to a just under 9 GB. Therefore, the South Korean firm said it will consider the possibility of obtaining more memory space by optimizing its software.

Samsung stated that he needed all that space to provide all the new features of its flagship smartphone

Previously, Samsung stated that he needed all that space to provide all the new features of its flagship smartphone. Therefore, if the user wants to store the maximum possible media file, it must use a Micro SD card. However, this does not solve any problems if normal users, because the space for storing applications and games is limited. If we take for example the case of the game Real Racing 3 or the ShadowGun you can immediately expect in the memory. Of course, it is possible to install their applications on the memory card, but this practice is not given to everyone.

In any case, if only the 16GB version is currently marketed in Europe, Google announced the Samsung Galaxy S4 Nexus Edition at its Google I / O area, and released in the month of June. This new version also has a memory of 16 GB, but however the stock Android 4.2 Jelly Bean without intensive features you can find the classic S4. If you are thus decided to buy a S4, this model is probably the best alternative.

Much of the blame for these sales grow as the are affordable Smartphones Samsung Galaxy Star and Galaxy Pocket Neo

Samsung Galaxy Star And Pocket Neo Dual SIM Designs

Sales forecasts for Samsung speak over 500 million devices in 2013, obviously not everyone is going to be Samsung Galaxy S4. Much of the blame for these sales grow as the are affordable Smartphones Samsung Galaxy Star and Galaxy Pocket Neo.

On this day the Korean company presents two new terminals, which are located at the access range Galaxy family, designed for youngsters, as Samsung itself. Both the system have Dual SIM as most striking feature. Let us know them better:

Much of the blame for these sales grow as the are affordable Smartphones Samsung Galaxy Star and Galaxy Pocket Neo

Samsung Galaxy Star

Both phones are very similar in specifications, but claims your attention that the Samsung Galaxy Star has a newer Android version: 4.2.2 Jelly Bean (and appears on the official website, but we suspect that was a typo).

One thing that seems to stand out, not be a simple phone, outdated should appear on the market. Do not miss the inevitable customization TouchWiz on Android, with apps like ChatON house.

Entering specifications, it has a screen of three inches with resolution QVGA, a processor running at 1GHz, accompanied by 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal memory (expandable via microSD).

It only have a rear camera of 2 megapixels, FM radio, 1.200mAh battery and said possibility of Dual SIM (depending on market, are identified by the logo DUOS). Regarding the double card from the home screen widgets that allow to manage.
The full dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy Star are 104.95 × 58 × 11.9 mm and weighs 100.5 grams. Colors will be available in black and white (looks blue), as you can see in the pictures.

Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo

Apart from a different design (less rounded) specifications, Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo are very similar to those of his companion presentation, three-inch screen QVGA, 2 megapixel camera, and Dual SIM versions.

We found major differences as the processor spends running at 850Mhz, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean as an operating system, and the overall dimensions are 105 × 57.8 × 11.8 mm, with 100.5 grams. The color available in this time is a stylish gray.

When will the market?
In this first statement presentation of Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo and Galaxy Star, we have provided information on its availability date or the markets in which it will appear (no doubt that will be in the main, at least in the version without Dual SIM).

No one know about the approximate prices of any model, but given recent precedents, are not far from the 100 USD. We will keep you informed.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is a command that works with Bluetooth and turns the terminal to an entertainment platform

Samsung Galaxy S4 Capable Of Becoming A Full Console Game Pad

The last presentation of Samsung not only bet on a smartphone capable of moving icons from Google very quickly, but also committed to a terminal capable of becoming a full console. And one of the accessories of Samsung Galaxy S4 is a command that works with Bluetooth and turns the terminal to an entertainment platform.

It was discovered with the Game Pad from the Samsung Galaxy S4 which could accommodate up to 6.3 inches of display equipment. This caused alarm bells and put on the table the possibility of a future Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with this diagonal size. While this information is confirmed or it refutes, the first tests of this accessory have already been published.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is a command that works with Bluetooth and turns the terminal to an entertainment platform

First, the first of the options allows to integrate in the Game Pad from Samsung Galaxy S4; thanks to a removable media from the top of the fixture. There may accommodate different Samsung smartphones to begin in four-inch screens. The connection will be through Bluetooth technology and allow the controls of the game as if it were a portable console.

Secondly, while placing in the living room, the Samsung Galaxy S4 may rest on a charging base that has a HDMI output. You can also connect to a compatible TV and share videos and photos, as it is logical to latest video games on a bigger screen. And it is that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has the option of doubling your screen.

After connecting the terminal to the TV, you only need to pair the Samsung Galaxy S4 with Game Pad controller via Bluetooth. The tests were conducted smoothly and fluently, by running games like Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 4 of the SEGA company, and the title Real Racing 3 by Electronic Arts.

In addition, the latter has seen a good opportunity in the latest releases of the companies. And, within a month, to launch up to 26 new titles, which include the famous Sims, Need for Speed: Most Wanted or Plants vs Zombies.
Returning to the Game Pad, it will have different control buttons, two analog directional buttons, as well as different configurable buttons, depending on the customer’s application. At its launch, says Forbes, the remote control will come accompanied by eight games. And in the market, from the beginning, up to 80 titles compatible with this Samsung controller. That Yes, its price has not been published so far.

However, the Game Pad is not the only interesting accessory of the new flagship of the Samsung Galaxy S4, the new catalogue will also have different types of covers, which highlights the baptized as S View Cover, which will be a small window allowing you to check notifications, time or weather, without opening the cover.

Another possibility is to charge the battery of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 wirelessly. And this is thanks to its base that charging by induction. Finally, the company also special emphasis on health, and Samsung will offer different solutions to practice sport and have an exhaustive control of all activity.

Distributors reserve 10 million Samsung Galaxy S3

Distributors reserve 10 million Samsung Galaxy S3

Not yet known for sure when will release the Samsung Galaxy S3, but the market is optimistic. This follows from the data that has been known since the site Russia Mobile-Review, where the scourge of secrecy in the industry, Eldar Murtazin, has said that the Korean Samsung have received booking orders from distributors amounting to ten million units next flagship of the house. With this, and although it is unknown whether the release will feature resembling terminal volume of deals , it is anticipated, a spectacular debut for the third generation of Samsung Star terminal.

Distributors reserve 10 million Samsung Galaxy S3

No official data on the support that dealers have given the company’s next model, but taking a look at the figures in the past have surrounded the family Galaxy is not difficult to imagine that information Murtazin is not at all crazy. To date, have sold a combined over 40 million units of the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S more than 20 million are precisely of the current generation will be relieved by the Galaxy S3 as the high-end home, not counting the many reviews that have been putting on sale of the device that opened the series.

If you consider that the market trend is bullish in terms of penetration of smartphones is concerned, and that Android’s popularity plays an important sector, is not difficult to predict the success of Samsung Galaxy S3, as a reference terminal as part of Google in the season, along with the HTC One S, the Sony Xperia S, the LG Optimus 4x, among others, is in the pools and operators of stores that will distribute the device, and that is precisely why want to cash in on the sales that would entail.

The benefits begin to glimpse the Samsung Galaxy S3 suggest ways in this regard. The last thing that is known is that the terminal will take a screen based on a technology by the name of Super AMOLED Plus HD of 4.65 inches and a concentration of 316 dots per inch as a result of a distribution of 1,280 x 720 pixels resolution total panel. Something that is interesting when the display value is the data suggests that this technology has three subpixels, which dramatically improves the image quality in terms of definition.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 would be released with Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and native layer TouchWiz. Would have a camera of eight to twelve megapixels, the rumors are branched in both directions-and quad-core processor of the new series Samsung Exynos. The new terminal design bet on a ceramic back cover, it also offers options among its connections with NFC and access to networks fourth generation LTE.

Samsung Galaxy Note filtered upgrade to Android 4.0

Samsung Galaxy Note filtered upgrade to Android 4.0

We have exciting news for users or future owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note. The new device that Samsung added 5.3 inches to its catalog by surprise soon be updated shortly to the new version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, as the manufacturer had promised at first. What was not clear at the moment was the release date of this data packet. And although at this point we have no information on a specific date, we can now move forward to just filter the update of ice cream sandwich that Korean company plans to integrate its star device. Indeed, it has happened that just filter some executable files that provide information about the new user interface, plus several unpublished functions that have become attached to this brand new edition.

Samsung Galaxy Note filtered upgrade to Android 4.0

You have interesting tracks on the image reproduced in the top and has been facilitated by the RootzWiki page, a space through which developers around the world share various technical issues on their work. Anyway, as stated in the forums of this site, someone would have leaked version of Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich, have access to it. This would have allowed us to know first hand all or part of the innovations that will bring Android 4.0 for the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Samsung Galaxy Note filtered upgrade to Android 4.0

And what about these improvements? Well, according to first impressions and assessments of those who have tested this version, we show that the Galaxy Note will have important new features in the calendar function, and the new Samsung Planner, a calendar that offers several options for organizing and synchronization of tasks. He added, moreover, a widget called Memo is designed to fulfill the same functions. It is also estimated, but has not yet been proven, that the new update will include new useful applications to exploit the full potential of S Pen, the stylus that is very helpful to most professional users. Solutions are expected in the performance section, plus multiple corrections of any bug under the sun, the most common thing in these cases.