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Windows Phone 8 Improving Speech Recognition

Windows Phone Improving Speech Recognition

Speech recognition is one of the foundations of artificial intelligence that is slowly coming into our lives, especially thanks to today’s smartphones. In fact many of the advances we are seeing lately have to do with the management of devices via voice. And for this, it is vital that we understand the phone perfectly. For this reason, Microsoft has improved the voice recognition system on their handsets with Windows Phone 8 operating system.

For now this Microsoft speech recognition can be enjoyed by only users of Windows Phone 8 living in the United States and to use Bing, as this feature is only implemented in the form of Microsoft. And say for now, because we assume that also hit Europe soon. What seems more likely is that this improved voice recognition reaches the terminals with Windows Phone 7.8.

The improvements primarily consist of 15 percent reduce recognition errors, doubled the speed at time to recognize what has been said and also much improved in noisy environments, perhaps the Achilles heel of most voice recognition programs.

Windows Phone 8 Improving Speech Recognition

Deep Neural Networks (DNN)

Redmond’s company has used deep neural networks (DNN) in order to develop a more efficient version of its speech recognition model. In this way the computer system is copying our brain works when it comes to recognizing what we say. Like us, this computer model also requires training by scientists working at Microsoft, as the DNN contains hundreds of millions of parameters representing the human voice patterns.

The success of the new Bing voice recognition in the terminals with Windows Phone 8 reaches 85 percent, which, though still far from 100%, to which humans sometimes not arrived, if that can be considered a significant approach. In addition, the increased speed will cause every time we talk more naturally with our phones, since your response is virtually instantaneous.

new Nokia Lumia equipped with Windows Phone 8 would be very close to receiving a new update

Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8 will receive a new update

The new Nokia Lumia equipped with Windows Phone 8 would be very close to receiving a new update. The Australian operator Telstra has confirmed through an email the arrival of a new data package for smartphones with Microsoft mobile operating system. According to data provided by the company, the update would take off to the terminals by mid-May which suggests an international rollout to other markets in the coming weeks. The most optimistic forecasts point to a release from June, just three weeks later of this first update. Phones that would benefit from this package firmware are: Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 820, Nokia Lumia 720, Nokia Lumia 620 and Nokia Lumia 520. But what are the characteristics and contributions of the so-called update GDR2 for Windows Phone 8?

new Nokia Lumia equipped with Windows Phone 8 would be very close to receiving a new update

One of the most talked about improvements is, without doubt, the integration of FM radio service , a feature that was discarded in the first release of Windows Phone 7. Know that for the case, all phones Nokia have the hardware or equipment required for the radio function is fully operational. But this is not the only feature that will provide GDR2 to Lumia devices. It is also expected that henceforth, the screens can be activated via a dual touch when in standby mode, and the terminals can easily be silenced by a new tool for this configuration. Finally, you will touch features related to the design and the themes or color profiles available, a classic in every update that has presented Nokia Lumia family with Windows Phone OS.

Moreover, in the documentation provided by the user who directly consulted Telstra appears a reference to the 1308 update that caused some problems in the battery and therefore the autonomy of some terminals. It seems that this little incident will be corrected with the 1314 update. In fact, with this package Nokia remedy some of the errors found in other versions, correct certain bugs and try to increase their potency and stability .

And although Nokia has not officially released its forecast updates, the roadmap is nearly sharp. For several weeks, the beta of the update GDR2 now available in Nokia Navifirm, the update repository Finnish. At this time, it seems he might be almost ready to be sent. That’s when technicians begin working on the next update technically called GDR3. This did not come until later this year and would, officially, Windows Phone 8.5 (Blue). Their deployment could occur before arriving Christmas 2013. Just months ago, Microsoft recruiting new developers to work on it intensely, but its features are still unknown.

Evernote is an application that can be used by students and workers to manage all their content and, now also, share and edit them together

Evernote take complete notes on Windows PC and Windows Phone

The most famous application, Evernote complete and helpful to take notes and have all your notes organized is now in the Microsoft Windows store. Evernote has released both Windows 8 version, for computers, as Windows Phone for smartphones. On both platforms the Business notebooks or businesses are particularly important. In addition, other functions are equated to catch up with what is seen in Android and iOS.

Evernote is an application that can be used by students and workers to manage all their content and, now also, share and edit them together

Evernote is one of the most famous apps in the world of portable devices to organize all kinds of notes, papers, recordings, videos or images through a phone, a tablet or a computer. This can label to find more quickly and conveniently, and storing it in the cloud or Internet.

On Windows Phone version, note the emphasis placed on supporting the mentioned books Business. These are documents that you can share with colleagues working to complete a common way that file. You just need to create a note from within the Business section, or move notes and created this book.

In this mobile platform has also added a new feature to protect your privacy. This is a numeric PIN or code that must be inserted to see your private notes, a good value if your mobile is used by other people and you want to protect your content. Yes, the negative point is that this feature is only available in the Premium version of Evernote.

Last but not least, they have improved tools for text editing. This means you can change the text style to italic or bold line by line and not by sections, as before. In addition, it have included other issues such as bulleted and numbered lists, among other options. All of them are listed in the toolbar located at the bottom of the screen while you write the note just below the keyboard.

Regarding the version for Windows computers, Evernote update share some points with Windows Phone. The most notable is support for the mentioned books Business, which now have a better management, to copy, paste and move the documents quickly and easily. They have also added a feature called Web Clipper for Internet Explorer 9. It allows saving web pages quickly to sort and label so comfortable and agile.

In short, a fine tuning of this tool that increasingly has more fans. Evernote is an application that can be used by students and workers to manage all their content and, now also, share and edit them together. But the best part is that Evernote can get it for totally free through Windows Store.

The Chinese company would be planning to expand its range and launch a new smartphone running Windows Phone 8 as OS

Lenovo would launch Windows Phone 8 smartphone

When Microsoft announcement about his plans in the marketing and fusing of Windows Phone 8, the latest operating system for mobile devices, let it be known that among the partners that they would have to produce devices based on the new platform, there would be were Nokia, Samsung, HTC and Huawei.

The Chinese company would be planning to expand its range and launch a new smartphone running Windows Phone 8 as OS

All four manufacturers have taken steps to introduce its own line of smartphones based on the new OS, but according to some rumors spread just over the last few days it seems that the already known list of the four brands will add another important name, that of Lenovo.

At the current state of affairs Lenovo deals only and only in the production of smartphones based on the Android mobile platform but soon could provide the market smartphones based on Windows Phone 8.

The Chinese company would be planning to expand its range and launch a new smartphone running Windows Phone 8 as OS.

The idea, according to rumors, has already been taken into account in the Lenovo and will most likely be evaluated in the next 6 months and soon after put into practice in order to launch a device with Windows Phone 8 already before the end of 2013.

The main reason that would count Lenovo adoption of Windows Phone 8 and the subsequent production of a smartphone based on Microsoft’s mobile OS would be due to the numerous security problems that Android finds itself having to deal with an increasingly frequent.

The reasoning in question would also be confirmed by the presence, by default, an antivirus on the latest Android smartphones marketed by the company.

Instead creating a smartphone with Windows Phone 8 Lenovo may satisfy the requirements of all users who demand safe products and by force of circumstances can no longer blindly trust Android.

At the moment there are no more information available about it but in the coming weeks will certainly be possible to learn more.

The unique applications of Windows Phone 8

Some unique applications of Windows Phone 8

Just yesterday we saw, more or less detailed, what are the new features of the new operating system from Microsoft for smartphones, known as Windows Phone 8. All thanks to a presentation of only one time when there was time to show their virtues, using the beautiful actress Jessica Alba gives your phone and of course, the applications that this operating system comes standard and is exclusive from the time of its release. We turn to react.

The unique applications of Windows Phone 8

Look and Feel

Despite not being an application itself, the interface or visual aspect is one of the characteristic features of Windows Phone since its inception just over a year. In this new version, Microsoft has evolved its home screen to customize and adapt to the taste and needs. Thus, applications on this screen can have three sizes different live tiles or animated icons. You just have to do a long press and vary the size between small, medium and large, to place it in any space, having more or less information from the home screen.

Live Apps

A few days ago we told you about the animated backgrounds for lock screen of Windows Phone 8. Well, it has finally been confirmed and, what is better surprised us with new functions. And, in this new operating system developers can create special lock screens of their applications. A good example is showing the new application for Facebook. With it, once you block the terminal, you can see quickly without having to unlock the pending notifications or the latest images shared on the wall, a feature that allows you to further customize the terminal. Another example that was discussed during the presentation is to transform the lock screen into a digital picture frame, displaying user’s favorite images or content from other applications.


Although only announced, without providing any performance or image of your design for this platform, was one of the new applications most surprised at the presentation. Pandora, a platform of music over the Internet allows you to hear different music channels, songs and radios. What is striking is that in Windows Phone 8, Pandora comes with a free subscription for a year. Something that is without ads and advertising interruption, without reproductions and listening limit that seen on Spotify.

applications of Windows Phone 8

Some useful applications of Windows Phone 8

Data Sense: The vice president of Microsoft and head of the presentation, Joe Belfiore said that unlike Windows Phone 8 on other platforms is that they have focused on the end user’s terminal. That is why, worried because we exceed our data rates have created Data Sense, a tool to reduce data consumption in navigation and use of applications in Windows Phone 8. Something similar to what has recently seen Nokia Xpress. However, Data Sense surprised because learns user behavior and applications, and to limit the consumption of which you do not use as you approach the limit of your rate plus take advantage of the service data compression of the cloud to reduce consumption general. The downside comes from the hand of the mobile operators, with which Data Sense must work closely.

applications of Windows Phone 8

Kid’s Corner (Children’s Corner): The parental control, a tool to protect your documents, applications and other issues when you left the terminal to the smallest of the house comes to mobile with Windows Phone 8. With Kid’s Corner, you can create a safe and limited environment so that children can access games and applications that let you know that they will not be able to do any mischief. Something that was responsible for confirming Jessica Alba, who appeared on stage to talk about their experience with the operating system and the possibility that his daughter play without creating a scandal on Twitter. Although the community of Twitter has been responsible for denying that the actress uses these terminals in their private lives, posting tweets or messages with photos in which she is seen with other brands of terminals.

People hub: Under the heading social of Windows Phone 8 there has been a very interesting novelty. They called Rooms and spaces are where sharing so private and secure all kinds of issues with other users. Thus you find an environment where chat and send messages, notes, calendar appointments and pictures with others who are in the same room or group. A curious and useful tool to connect and share with users even iPhone.

Skype: As you learned, a few days ago, by the slip of a responsible Skype, the application has been fully integrated into the terminals with Windows Phone 8. Thus, the style WhatsApp, application for video calls is active in the background, they can receive Internet instant messages for free anytime. All these steps avoiding sign in and out and consumption of battery and data remain excessive running constantly.