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How to extend the battery life on the smart Phones

How to extend the battery life on the iPhone

One of the biggest problems of smartphones is the poor battery life. And it is certain that the most active users need to charge their handsets every day, or even a shorter time interval. Many of these users have opted to buy another battery and exchange to get a longer duration, accompanied by tricks like reducing the screen brightness or limit Internet connections. But users of iPhone, who have more restricted options, the inability to remove the battery and now over version of iOS that consumes more energy, need other tools to get the most out of your load.

How to extend the battery life on the smart Phones

A good option is to use the application stack. It is a tool that provides very detailed information of your battery that allows you to do a much more efficient with it. Do not be fooled, there are no magic solutions, and this application is no exception, but it can help a lot. With the data available include knowing when to charge the terminal to respect the charge cycle and not damage the battery, or to know what and how long we can do before running out of battery.

So, just start the application, Stack is responsible for analyzing the active functions and remaining battery. This displays a tab with detailed real-time data that you can use your iPhone to listen to music, watch videos or talk on 2G or 3G, among other options. Information that may seem trivial, but it is useful to know what you can do while traveling without possibility of loading, or if you can finish watching and not be content with intrigue.

But not the only thing that gives the application stack. The second tab gives information on the charge cycle. Here you establish an alarm to be notified of the best time to connect the charger to your iPhone. Also shown is the time to make a one hundred percent load to maximize battery life. A point of great importance to prevent bleeding of charge that occurs m the use and battery power during the lifetime of the terminal.

Tips to extend the battery life on the smart Phones

Finally, this application contains a good collection of tips and tricks to achieve maximum efficiency and extend the life of our battery as much as possible. Issues such as the aforementioned reduction in brightness, the internet disconnect when you are not using and other clues that help you to know the operation and use of your battery to save all the energy you can.

In short, a very useful application for users who don’t know what to do to get a few hours more charge of iPhone. Best of all, the application stack can be downloaded completely free from App Store. It also has a good list of customization options and a new icon to indicate the battery to one percent remaining.

Nokia released new software update for LUMIA 800

Nokia released new software update for LUMIA 800

Since Nokia partnered with Microsoft to deploy Windows Phone on their smartphones, it has worked hard to deliver quality products. The models seen so far in the Lumia family (610, 710, 800 and 900) have been surprised by its excellent performance, although they have not been without drawbacks.

Nokia released new software update for LUMIA 800

In the case of Lumia 800, one of the major problems is the low battery. The creators of the mobile and released some patches to fix this flaw, but the software update released for hours promises a real and definitive solution to the problem.

The new version of software for Lumia 800 (1600.2487.8107.12070) dramatically improves the life and consumption of the battery. Preliminary reports say that after the update the duration of the energy is three times higher, no doubt we are talking about an optimization that will increase the user experience a couple of levels.


Energy management is not the only point in the update worked for Lumia 800. The new software also offers an audio processing that allows much more powerful than clearer reception during calls and better sound quality when you run the music player.


The launch of the update for the Nokia smartphone was originally scheduled for April 18, but the Nokia decided to please the users in advance. Anyway it should be noted that being a global update settled four stages of activation: the first has already started and the remaining three will be held on April 4, 11 and 18 respectively.