The Free parking apps to find parking lot easier

The Free parking apps are designed to make our lives easier, in fact there are many apps that will give their contribution in physical activity as Runtastic or even those that direct us to the destination we want as Google Maps. But no one would expect that there are also apps that help us to find parking, making sure that we do not lose more patience in the frantic search for a “hole” for our car. In effect this is the Apps to find parking!

ParkMe Parking is an app to find parking, but that has its limits despite functions very well

I bet you did an expression of amazement, this incredible discovery. Now the Play Store is a bit like the genie of Aladdin’s lamp that achieves our wishes, dispensing app of all types for every need; so we must not do is try!

ParkMe Parking is an app to find parking, but that has its limits despite functions very well. The first of these limits is an app that is completely in English, also has parking for more than 500 cities in the way, so it’s a app that can be useful to those who live in big cities but not for everyone. But the good news is that sometimes allows us to do the payment of the parking lot directly from the app, and also knows the free places of the car park in real time.

Parkopedia is excellent! It ‘a social app, since each user has the option to add a parking inserting the hourly or daily rate and using the geolocation will be shown how to reach that place.

These app for parking would be very good if used on Android Auto: imagine the effort and the gasoline that would save, doing laps absurd in frantic search of parking. Once again we have to thank Google & Play Store app to offer such.

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