Things that your cell phone can do for you but you do not know

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This is very useful in case you are going to lend your cell phone to a family member or friend and you do not want to open certain applications or read your conversations

Do you spend the day stuck to the cell phone? If you are a person who does not detach from your mobile , you’ll surely be interested to know that there are many other features that your phone can make in addition to calls, send messages by WhatsApp, read your mails, etc.

Take photos while recording videos

Millions of people around the world use their mobile phones to capture images , short clips and videos are also popular. But, did you ever imagine that you could take a picture while you are recording a video? This can be done both on an Android phone and on an iPhone.

If you are a user of a phone with Android system what you should do is tap the screen while you are recording the video, is that true? If instead you use an iPhone what you should do is press the shutter of the camera , which is located right next to the video recording button .

Read texts and emojis

If it gives you lazy to read all your messages, do not worry, Google assistant or Siri can do it for you. Just say the phrase “Read me my texts” and immediately the smart assistant of your phone will do it, you can even answer them if you wish.

If your phone uses Android system , you must download an application like Read text messages 2me so that it can read your SMS messages, WhatsApp, etc. You may also be interested Convert your old cell phone into a smart speaker

Prevent others from accessing an application

This is very useful in case you are going to lend your cell phone to a family member or friend and you do not want to open certain applications or read your conversations. The procedure is very easy, you only have to configure the device to block the guest and you can not access the application without the use of a PIN .

In iPhone you access an option called “guided access” entering the “configuration” menu and then ” accessibility” , you touch the side button of the application you want to configure and you’re done.

In the Android system you must enter “security and location” or you can also use applications such as Applock or Hexlock , which allows you to create several profiles and is especially indicated if you are going to leave the cell phone to your children.

Level a picture

Did you know that your phone can also be used as a level to place a shelf, a table or any other object? On the iPhone there is a hidden option within the “measure” application that is called “level” .

To use it you must place the phone on the element you want to level and move the cell phone until the screen turns green , in the case that it is not completely level, on the screen it will show you how much difference it is. In Android this function does not exist but you can use applications like Bubble level or Level with voice .

Metal detector

The cell phone can help you find that ring or it’s a pendant you lost, how? In Android there is an application called “metal detector” and it works using the magnetic sensor of your phone.

In the App Store there is also an option for the iPhone that has the same name, its use is very simple, you just have to open the application and move the cell phone in the area where you are looking for the metallic object, when the cell phone detects it will sound an alarm.

Scan documents

If you need to pass text from a sheet of paper to a computer, you can use your cell phone as a scanner. Applications such as Genius Scan or CamScanner can transform a written document into a digital one in a few seconds.

Inside Google Drive there is also the option to scan by pressing the “Add” icon (+) and choosing the option scanned , this option activates the camera of your cell phone and uses it to scan the document, at the end it saves the image as a file PDF .

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