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Tips to ensure the safety of our mobile devices

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Tips to ensure the safety of our mobile devices
On this occasion we want to advise you on something very important: How to improve security in our mobile devices, which, although it may seem like a lie, is something that many users totally neglect.
Tips to ensure the safety of our mobile devices.

A few days ago we saw a series of false myths about the security of our mobile devices (tablets and smartphones). And is that although these computers have become small computers that always accompany us, there are still many users who completely neglect the safety of them.

We must be aware of the need to take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of our mobiles , as their spectacular growth has put them in the crosshairs of cybercriminals . Users must take full consciousness not only about the material value of our smartphones or tablets, but also about the important personal information that we manage and store from our terminals.

We spend more time than ever with our mobile devices, either downloading applications or games, consuming multimedia content, making purchases or managing our bank accounts. However, despite the great use we make of our terminals and their applications, we still do not know in many cases the risks to which we are exposed , or how we must act to protect ourselves from these new threats.

In fact, one out of every four mobile users does not even have their smartphones protected with a PIN or password. Therefore, here it is shown that the same levels of protection of our laptops do not always translate into the life of our mobile phones.

Security tips for smartphones and tablets

– Review what your applications do : use security software that analyzes the permissions of applications to identify suspicious requests for location, contact or account data. Think twice before saying yes to the permissions of the applications in the future.

– Put a pin or password on all your mobile devices . This is simple but it is important to protect your information from curious eyes.

– Make a backup without fail. 14% of Spaniards have never backed up their device. With all the personal information – from photos and videos to contact information – stored on the device, you must acquire the habit of making a monthly backup.

– Disable the automatic log-in of all your applications and web pages to make sure that no stranger can log into your accounts if your phone falls into the wrong hands. Use a password manager if you have a large number of web pages and applications that you use daily.

– Check that your device has security and that it is up to date . Protect your phone and the information you have by installing security for mobile devices that includes anti-theft measures and protection against viruses and malware.

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