Tutorial: How to make a screenshot from a Samsung Galaxy S4?

If you are a proud owner of a Galaxy S4, and you want to make screenshots, this tutorial will certainly help you. So far, there are two ways to make a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy S4. The first method is more conventional for users of Android mobile, while the second will be more familiar to people who already have a Samsung Galaxy S4 for some time.

there are two ways to make a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy S4

Therefore, the first method is the easiest and fastest, in fact you just press and hold the “Home” button and the “power” button simultaneously. You will receive a confirmation window. Then you can immediately see the screenshot in the notification bar.

The second method is to clean terminal Samsung Galaxy, because you need to first enable the “movement of the palm” box in the tab “My Device” on your Galaxy S4. Then make a screenshot, you must swipe your palm from left to right on the screen of the device. You will receive a confirmation window similar to the first method. Of course, if the movement of palm is activated, you can juggle the two methods to make your screenshot. Finally, you can now edit your screenshot to share, or store it in your gallery.

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