Ubuntu for smartphones: News on the new OS

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For some time talking about ubuntu on smartphones, but what many do not know is that this is not simply a shift of the PC operating system on mobile devices, but an OS designed especially for mobile devices.

This is to be glad that you will get a new OS is no longer based on the use of buttons but more on gesture and voice commands.

Ubuntu system will be able to support both native applications is the so-called web app

Ubuntu will be able to support both native applications is the so-called web app, it is working in the new app store. With regard to the gesture it is thought that in this way it frees the screen from the buttons that are therefore useless if these are implemented in an appropriate manner, maybe also becomes more convenient display all the applications by sliding your finger from left to right, open the latest app by simply browsing from right to left, or maybe from the bottom up to show the controls of the app.

There will be, at least according to current news, a smartphone created for Ubuntu, but it will be supported by certain smartphones who meet the minimum requirements, which more or less will be met by all new Android smartphones and some current smartphone.

So it seems that ubuntu on smartphones will bring about real change, even revolutionary, maybe a flop, in any case it is an interesting attempt to change the way you use your smartphone.

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