Undead Soccer: Football And Zombies In A Single Game

Undead Soccer, the last effort of the team Bulkypix, the arcade-survival game is now available on Android Play Store. In this original Android game mingle the elements of the game of football with those of the traditional shooter, in a scenario in which a novel player suddenly finds himself faced with a horde of zombies.

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If the preamble may seem strange, it is because in fact, the plot originates from a particular situation: after being sent off in a game, a football player at the exit from the locker room turns out that all the other players and the public have been turned into zombies. You will have to fight their way through hordes of enemies using the only weapon at his disposal, or a soccer ball.

The game, designed to go on forever, presents a view in first person and the purpose of the game is to sharpen their skills and get hold of new special moves football themed to proceed as far as possible making their way through hordes of enemies.

Undead Soccer Is A Solid Casual Game That Must Be The Victim Of A Serious Pricing Error

The moves are unlocked progressively and you can pick up 6 different types of superpowers and up to 30 moves of attack and defense. Periodically, you will face a boss, much stronger than the ordinary zombies, and if you win you will be entitled to bonuses and power ups more.