Universal Charger for all smartphones

Almost every person in the world now has at least a smartphone and, of course, each of these devices is accompanied by a charger. Maybe you start to feel the need to conform to a single standard model so as to avoid dozens of different models of chargers that can only be used to recharge the battery of the device and associated mainly to reduce the “waste” is not necessary and the costs for final users. Which is why in Brussels has reached a tentative agreement on the matter, which could become law by March.

Universal Charger

So all smartphones in Europe to be compatible with a single charger standard. If the law is approved, all member countries of the Union will have two years to align with the new rules, and will be granted an extra year to the manufacturers so that we can standardize the new rules.

We do not know yet what will be the standard Universal Charger that will then be used after the entry into force of the law even if it is assumed that the model micro-usb could be one of those taken into consideration, given its already wide use.


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