WebOS maintain navigation charts on LG TVs

A few months ago we met with LG WebOS, the operating system created by Palm, bought and then abandoned by HP and eventually purchased by LG for its development. According to the company, its new Smart TVs will like this software operating system, and which succeeded in keeping him: his system of “cards” for multitasking, adopted by all the other mobile operating systems almost immediately.

It seems a lot longer but WebOS was launched officially in June 2009, although it was unveiled at CES in Las Vegas that year. This Linux-based operating system was created onto mobile devices with touch screen, providing a very simple interface but whose main feature was multitasking based on a system of “letters” which was adopted and inspired companies like Apple or Google to develop their own operating systems.

WebOS maintain navigation charts on LG TVs

As we know, this operating system was purchased by HP – indeed, HP bought it from the company that developed it, Palm – but soon left it to him no future. Then came LG and promised to use WebOS for its new smart TVs , which will finally arrive in 2014. This will enable them, if they get the backing of developers extend the capabilities of their smart TVs.

Today we come to know that LG plans to use WebOS as it was designed, i.e., using the system of “cards” that I have indicated a few sentences before. This system basically had several pages of applications, and making a gesture in the “gesture area” could switch between them, bringing the “letters” in front and moving to the right or left of the screen. Of course it is a very intuitive system and similar to that used in mobile devices, an advantage that LG used to approach the staunchest users to upgrade your TVs .

Television with LG WebOS will be announced at CES in January next year and is configured with a dual core processor at 2.2 GHz and 1.5 GB of RAM . Currently no pricing or availability are known but since the company say that this TV model will change the current “game”.


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