Clean tablet screen

What do we need to clean the screen of the tablet or latest smartphone

Probably many of you have a tablet . With the passage of time, as it is used, it is left with marks on the screen, something that is normal for its own use. Although it is important that we go to clean it too. This is something that generates many doubts among consumers. What is the best way to clean the screen?

There are a number of aspects that we must take into account. But thanks to them it is possible to clean the screen of a tablet properly. Thus, this can be done without fear of damage to the screen, which is one of the main concerns of users.

Clean tablet screen

Before cleaning the screen

Before we start to clean the screen of the tablet, it is good to mention a couple of aspects. If we want to avoid that our device is going to mess too much, especially avoiding marks on its screen, it is likely that the use of a screen protector is convenient . Since this type of products protect the screen, also against bumps or scratches, they are also easier to clean than the screen itself. So they are a good option.

Also the use of a case is a good option to consider . Again, it will help us to protect the tablet at all times against bumps, falls and dirt. Also protecting the screen of it. The selection of covers that there is wide, although one with cover, that also covers the screen of the tablet is preferable.

Clean tablet

In order to clean the screen of a tablet we will need a microfiber cloth . It is an accessory that we often get when we buy a smartphone or even a tablet. Therefore, it is likely that you have one in your house. But, you can always use the cloth with which you clean the glasses, which is also a microfiber. This type of cloth is ideal because it will not cause scratches at any time, in addition to preventing the release of particles.

In general, we do not have to use liquids when cleaning the screen of a tablet . With a cloth of this type is usually enough, in most cases. Although it is likely that there is some stain that is resistant and do not want to press too much. In that case, distilled water can be used. But do not throw water on the screen (as we tell you below). There may be people who have specific products for cleaning the screen. This type of products can be used at all times in the same, because they are specific to this task.

Also the use of alcohol in gel , a product that is used to disinfect the hands at present, once we have finished is a good way to eliminate certain spots. So we have to make sure we have all these products at home so we can start the process of cleaning the screen of our tablet. If we already have everything at home, then we are ready to start with it.

Steps to clean the screen of the tablet

Clean tablet screen

Cleaning the screen of the tablet is an important process, in which we do not have to make mistakes, to avoid damaging the screen of the same. If we have all the products that we mentioned in the previous section, then we are ready to start cleaning it. We simply have to follow a series of steps in this direction:

Turn off the tablet : It is much easier to see spots if the screen is off
Grab a microfiber cloth and start cleaning the screen in small circles . It is the best method we can use to clean the screen and remove all the stains
If there are stains that are not removed, we can use some liquid (distilled water) or products to clean the tablet
Moisten a cotton cloth in distilled water and run it across the screen in circles, without applying pressure
Let the tablet air dry (do not touch anything in it)

When this time has passed, we must check if all the spots on the screen have been removed . If we see that all have been removed, then we do not have to do anything else with the tablet. But if we see that there are spots, we must repeat the process, focusing on all these spots on the screen.

Once we are finished, we have to wash the cloth we have used . We put it to soak with some warm water and a little soap. Once drained, we should not squeeze it, but we should hang it and let it dry. Until it is completely dry we should not use it at any time. In the future we can use it again to clean our tablet.

Clean tablet: what not to do

When cleaning the screen of our tablet there are a number of aspects that we should not do . It is common for us to think that there are products that are good for this process, but that really are not. Therefore, it is good to be clear about what we should not use at any time, and thus to clean the screen without anything going to happen in it:

Alcohol-based cleansers : It is normal for many people to think that this is something that will help us eliminate stains. But the reality is that it is something that can cause damage to said screen. Since what it does is damage the protective layer that is in many devices such as tablets or smartphones. So we should avoid using these types of products at all times.

Paper towels, facial tissues or thick cloths : It may happen that we think that one of these products will help us to eliminate dirt from the screen on our tablet. But the reality is that these types of products have the potential to generate more problems, since they dream of scratching the screen. So we should avoid its use.

If we avoid the use of these products then we will not have problems when cleaning the screen of our tablet . The process will be safe and simple in this way.