Whatsapp: how to find out if someone spies us using the PC Answer messages without appearing online

WhatsApp: Here are the 3 newest less known hidden tricks of the week

Many features regarding WhatsApp are more than known, but at the same time many are hidden. Here are the 3 functions of the week that you may not know.

To expand the smartphone phenomenon so sharply, it has certainly been the constant innovation seen in recent years. Not to be underestimated, however, is the inside, made up of software, games and especially applications.

For every OS that you respect, there is a store with hundreds of thousands of applications and games. Certainly the best ever, and at the same time the most downloaded, is WhatsApp , the famous application that is now a real institution on every smartphone.Whatsapp: how to find out if someone spies us using the PC Answer messages without appearing online

In addition to classic text messages, calls and video calls, the well-known app also allows you to perform various functions. Some, however, remain hidden and perhaps even more interesting than the well known and advertised ones.

Here are 3 new hidden features for WhatsApp

Certainly you know the various functions that WhatsApp allows, but some are still existing for a few who are interested and especially small ones. Let’s see them closer:

Send messages to unsubscribed numbers in the phonebook

This solution is well hidden in the Play Store, as the app itself does not allow it in any way. The name of the application is WhatsDirect – Tool for WhatsApp, and it allows you to just mess with numbers that you did not save.

All you have to do after installing the app will enter the recipient’s phone number preceded by the national prefix and then type in the message you are about to send. You will see that suddenly a window will appear with the conversation right inside WhatsApp.

Answer messages without appearing online

Again, this is a feature not guaranteed by the app, but it’s possible with a simple trick that does not imply additional apps. As soon as you get a message that you need to respond but at the same time you can not enter the app to see you online, you just have to use your head.

Just before you open WhatsApp, you’ll need to connect to and close both WiFi and data connections. Then open the app and reply to the message, which obviously will not start due to the connection. Then close the app and go back to the connections by activating everything, so you can start writing automatically and app shut down. Exactly, it’s all here.

Quit password access to the application

To do so, you will need to download the app called AppLock, which is available in the Google Play Store. Thanks to AppLock, you can make the WhatsApp application disappear from your smartphone, without showing the relevant icon. To reactivate it, you can set up settings via AppLock that will allow you to reset the home icon by typing #1234 on the numeric keypad and forwarding the call.

There is also a system that can add a password or perhaps the fingerprint for unlocking.