Which smartphone to choose: two straight ways

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If you are looking for the new phone you will have turned in some electronics magazines and you have ideas even more confused than before. That’s why we described some basic tips and some important points that may help you.

There are phones of different brands that just use the Android operating system and allow you to download the same app like expensive phones

Specific immediately that it is not a treaty but just some basic advice for beginners.

If you just want to make calls and send SMS or MMS, you will not use the functions that provides avoid a smartphone that is certainly more expensive.

If your hands are trembling or have the famous “hands ricotta” let go of the touch screen phones surely you will start to call inopportune times unlikely to unknown or with whom you have little confidence.

But if you really want a smartphone in order to have access to email and social apps, the weather and still look for something on the internet so you can choose between an iPhone or a phone with Android or the new Windows phone.

All three systems have the app (i.e. small downloadable applications for free or at little cost) to the most disparate things but in this windows is much more behind its competitors (Apple and Android) and this can be a first discriminating.

To experience then I know that Apple and Android are much easier to use and configure.

Then you must ask the question, but I have to spend those absurd figures (500/600 Dollars or more) to read and send mail, make a check in with foursquare or update my status on FB?


There are phones of different brands that just use the Android operating system and allow you to download the same app like expensive phones (iPhone).

One thing: pay attention to the internal memory available to the phone. Android is structured so as to require a lot of memory to run well and run the app to the fullest.

If your phone (such as the Samsung Galaxy Ace) has only a few megs of internal memory you will greatly limit the app or hack the phone and doing so will void the warranty (place then you are able to do so!)

Then go to a phone with at least 1 meg of internal memory. The fact that you can expand the memory with an additional memory card allows you to upload music, photos and more, but has no effect on the problem that I mentioned above.

Another thing to keep in mind: there are different distributions of Andorid and are generally updated but some can not be upgraded to higher distribution that some app may be usable only from mobile phones with the updated version of the software. (Usually there are apps for all versions so it should not be a problem).

So basically with a mobile phone from cost around 90/120 Dollars you can do pretty much what you would do with a 600 dollars smartphone.

Of course then change other things such as the quality of the camera or other things like that but what about the social functions, navigation and mailing will have no problems.

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