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Windows 8.1 Update is now available for free download

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Microsoft has just released the Windows 8.1 update enabled via the Windows Store. Who uses a Windows 8 operating system, whether PC, laptop or tablet, and the Windows Store visits, get to see the above image. So it looks like at least for me, when I visit the Windows Store with my laptop. Actually, we had expected the Windows 8.1 update tomorrow, but Microsoft has released now unlocked and the update worldwide.

Depending on which version and what system you have, the size of the update may vary. Before you start the update, you should keep all important documents absolutely secure that do not lie on a second disk. Even if the update should not change anything in itself, all data could be lost in the worst case, if an error occurs.

The new features of Windows 8.1 are of course many and very interesting for pure tablets. The start screen of the Modern UI can now be much better adapted to the tiles. There are now a total of four different sizes of tiles that can be placed individually in order of importance. In general, the tiles can now be more easily invest in groups and labeled. All apps are accessible with a simple wipe and also the individual backgrounds can be designed with the background image of the desktop.

The search has become much more powerful and prepares the searches now graphically

The search has become much more powerful and prepares the searches now graphically. If one looks, for example, for artists, then pictures, songs, biography and general Internet search results are now shown in blocks.

Many of the settings and apps from Windows 8.1 can reach directly in the Modern UI now, without having to switch to the tedious desktop. Especially for users of tablets a relief, because the finger operation in the desktop’s already aggravating. The start button performs the new function from the desktop, then right back to the start screen.

Of course you are welcome to leave feedback in the comments if you have already installed the update. After the update, you can then also the Facebook app use.

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