The YouTube application for the iPhone 5 now available

Many were shocked with the news that the YouTube app for iPhone would not be available in the new iPhone 5. And, through the various beta or test versions to developers of iOS in June, we have discovered changes, additions and subtractions of the most striking. However, at all times, we learned that the most important video portal network not available in Apple terminal, as everything was due to the termination of a contract of use and brushes with the advertising content. Now the issue solved with a new native application or created especially for this new version of the operating system.

The YouTube application for the iPhone 5 now available

One day before the official presentation of the iPhone 5, which presumably will work with iOS 6, has been made available to device users Apple’s new and only official app of YouTube for this platform. Yes, so it seems only for iPhone and iPod Touch, stay off the tablet iPad, for which you are confirmed a special version that will arrive in the coming months. With this, you can begin to enjoy the new features and functions of this application, which are few.

First, it gives access to all videos published, even those officers who before were not allowed to play. However, this comes on the heels of something so beloved by users: advertising. And the new application from YouTube introduces the advertising, so there is no reason to limit the viewing of contents. All this through an enhanced visual appearance, with sliding menus to which we have become accustomed and of Google with the restructuring of the applications Google+ and Google Search.

One of the most useful and interesting menus is that of slides from the left side of the screen. Here you find your subscriptions to channels and featured videos, to know where to start. Along with this, you find other useful functions as well. One is the autocomplete when performing a search. Thus, by typing a few letters or words see suggestions of videos and channels. Something that greatly speed up the search, and that helps us find what we want if we do not know exactly his name.

Since then the people of Google has not limited the social section of the application, you can share any video that we find through social networks of the moment, Facebook and Twitter, and also through Google+. It is curious, as well as useful, be able to perform actions such as view related videos, assess and view comments while playback continues active.

In short, an application that seems not to be nothing out, allowing a good number of features and videos to users of Apple, who will now stop using the Web version of YouTube, but it has a good performance. This is secured using the Google video site on the new devices. The application YouTube and can be downloaded to the iPhone and iPod Touch completely free from the App Store.