Download Call of Duty: Mobile for free

Activision is hiring to create a mobile version of its hit battle royale, Call of Duty: Warzone.

On smartphones, if you want to play a small game of Battle Royale, you can turn to Fortnite, after a few manipulations , or the mobile version of the famous game PUBG, which launched this mode in 2017. On the other hand, Call of Duty: Warzone , one of the strongest proponents of the genre (approximately 75 million players) does not yet have its mobile variant. This cannot last.

Indeed, Activision, whose takeover by Microsoft is still in progress , has published a recruitment advertisement which invites candidates to create “Call of Duty: Warzone for mobile”. A priori , mobile gamers will evolve in their own instance, since the announcement evokes the creation of “an all-new AAA mobile experience that will bring the thrilling, fluid and large-scale action of “Call of Duty: Warzone” to gamers. moving “.

 Download Call of Duty: Mobile for free

Later in the announcement, Activision refers to a “large-scale battle royale experience ” and “built natively for mobile”.


If Activision provides such impeccable work as on Call of Duty Mobile , often taken as a model of fluidity and optimization in terms of 3D gaming on mobile, we can expect a very good vintage.

This is perhaps what explains why the mobile version comes out so long after the PC and console version , notoriously unstable in its first months of existence.

One thing is certain: the great rush to mobile successful FPS is therefore definitely sounded. Apex Legends Mobile is in closed beta, Riot Games is working on Valorant Mobile. All that was missing was the famous Activision franchise.

As a reminder, Call of Duty: Warzone uses the codes of previous episodes of the series by mixing them with those of Battle Royale. This gives a very dynamic title with an artistic direction diametrically opposed to the inevitable Fortnite .

You must also assign an access code to all apps that contain personal or sensitive data

The best ways to protect your sensitive data of the smartphone

The advancement of technology, the benefits of the Internet and the possibilities offered by the different apps that currently exist, allow us to enjoy a large number of advantages on a daily basis.

However, in some cases we can be victims of hackers with the ability to clone phone, steal our personal information or sensitive data and generate scams that harm us greatly.

You must also assign an access code to all apps that contain personal or sensitive data

That is why it is essential that you know and put into practice some tips that allow you to protect your sensitive data properly. With these simple actions you can continue to enjoy the benefits of technology, safely and effectively.

Activate the lock function of your smartphone

It is an extremely simple action that will allow you to protect the content of your smartphone. Activate the lock function and create a passcode consisting of four or six digits. A more efficient alternative is to create a password by combining letters and numbers.

In case this form of blocking does not seem friendly to you, you can choose to draw a pattern, read your fingerprint, or facial identification. Today’s smartphones offer you several options to choose from.

You must also assign an access code to all apps that contain personal or sensitive data.

Update your cell phone’s operating system

Usually, smartphones send a notification indicating that it is time to update their software, apps or operating system. It is important that you pay attention to this message, as the update implies very beneficial improvements for your phone.

Among the improvements it is common to include bug fixes in the security area, or optimizations of some functions. All this with the aim of offering a higher level of protection against possible attacks by cybercriminals.

Install a free Antivirus Apps at least

Installing a protection tool on your smartphone can prevent you from downloading malicious files, and could protect your mobile device from a harmful file that is already on it.

There are a number of protection tools you can choose from. Select the most appropriate for your phone and protect it from hackers and malware.

Avoid using public WiFi as much as possible

Using public WiFi is a way of dangerously exposing your smartphone. These open networks are the ideal setting for attack by cybercriminals.

Avoid using this type of connection, especially if you are going to access mobile banking apps or those that handle some other type of valuable information.

Download apps only from official sites

Every time you want to add a mobile application to your smartphone, you need to download it from the corresponding official website. Avoid doing it from unknown sites.

This same practice is what you must implement when making purchases online. In this case, you must make sure that the sales platform is the official one, and that its payment systems are recognized and secure.

As an additional tip, validate that the web address of the site begins with “https”, this guarantees that the page has an SSL certificate.

Implement two-factor authentication

With two-factor or 2FA authentication, you add an extra step of security to your smartphone.

With this technique, in addition to entering the standard password, you must enter a code that the 2FA app sends you. For many, this is somewhat tedious, but it is well worth the effort. You would be raising a second protective shield between your phone and the dangers in the world of technology.

Don’t expose yourself on social media

Although social media is very important in many ways, it is also often dangerous if you expose yourself too much.

Avoid indicating personal data in the profile of social networks, and in your publications. Activate all the security mechanisms and filter your friends and followers very well.

You must learn to use the functions that technology offers you correctly, in order to enjoy it safely.

Before any download is key that they are from official sources, that way you will be protecting yourself from the entry of some malware

How to protect your business against ongoing cybercrime

Reinforcing the measures for the use of equipment is an obligation nowadays since companies carry out their activities remotely, and the data deserves greater care about the digital environment, for that reason the first step is to understand the level of risk that you face so that you can react appropriately.

From any information box or portal where a data is issued, telephone, mail or other, a risk of theft may arise, in turn this can expose you to an unauthorized disclosure of data, until the modification of the same, this result or success increases now that companies have a digital environment.

Before any download is key that they are from official sources, that way you will be protecting yourself from the entry of some malware

Create a solid digital environment for your company

Forming a security measure for your company is crucial, especially in the face of online risks, so privacy needs the support of security software, from any computer or device that is entered, that way you can keep your data safe Whether in a Windows or Mac digital environment, it’s still a must.

Knowing well the operating system or the type of devices you use, allows you to customize the protection, I advise you to read this summary of antivirus for Mac , since it is common to find abundant information for Windows, but that does not mean that you should neglect the security for those who use Mac.

The first thing to keep in mind is browsing safely, for this you must choose to verify the authenticity of the page, in addition to increasing the level of privacy on social networks, this is crucial above all so that nothing related to the company and its operation.

In sum, each device needs regulation on access to accounts, in this sense, the level of security must be raised and proper device management must be carried out, thus conditions can be established to restrict access to personal data.

Before any download is key that they are from official sources, that way you will be protecting yourself from the entry of some malware, but it must be complemented with the effectiveness of security software such as an antivirus, to have protection against those viruses that seek to enter to your team.

Preventive actions must be periodic to combat cybercrime

In any instance your company must keep the software updated, as well as the applications, for this you must review the system so that it complies with all the minimum standards, the same happens with the information issue, it needs to be backed up periodically so as not to regret any event.

Through a digital or physical option you can protect your files, which works as a response to any system failure, in this way it works as an ideal measure against these two eventual problems, but it is never an exaggeration to carry out an encryption on the information, so that others cannot access the files.

Cyber attacks can be avoided, especially if you focus on the effect that a download can have, for example, choosing a key, and so on, that is why most companies opt for a backup in the cloud so that personal and labor data are not compromised.

No kind of password should be shared, nor can it be the same for each application, at the same time Internet connections become high risks, but what cannot be ignored is the installation of the necessary antivirus to protect the computer. , because it is the most important part due to the type of information it stores.

Cybercriminals are the top concern of businesses

Absolute security in a digital environment can be an illusion when you are careless with the daily use of applications, that is why prevention is the best help so that no database is at risk, this is very useful before 70% of Cyber ??attacks directed towards companies directly.

Usually the attacks against companies come from malicious programs, where those that hijack your data or other spyware that spy on the data to sell it for commercial purposes stand out, and even some less harmful viruses such as Trojans or worms can destroy company information.

This clearly indicates that it is a must to think about the ideal antivirus for your commercial aspirations, that is, its functions must be compatible with the daily use of the equipment, so that each activity can become safe, in addition to these viruses, there is danger from unauthorized access.

Any program can present serious flaws and share information remotely, this type of violation can be detected through the verification carried out by programs such as antivirus, but this is not everything, there is also the risk of fraud as part of piracy and for this you can use VPN or use of serious browsers to access the bank for example.

For this reason, any payment like this is that of Netflix you must make it correctly, so you can follow the best steps to use the gift card or code, this is an unusual method, but if you make a wrong step you can lose money in addition to exposing company data for example by catching a virus or hacker.

Regarding the business issue, there are many advantages to working and creating a digital environment, if you think about taking that step towards digitization, you can obtain these benefits to maintain the immediacy of operations, this is a positive evolution that should not be tarnish with the risks of cybercrime.

But there is still a lot to research on cybercrime, to continue considering what the effectiveness of antivirus means, so you can start by mastering the most basic things that exist about this latent risk that is the main enemy of companies.

Proxysite is another great website to unblock Youtube

Unblock Youtube or any websites with these free proxies

As free as the Internet may seem, it really isn’t. There is censorship imposed by governments and Internet providers that makes some websites inaccessible to users. Some websites are geographically restricted, while others are blocked by ISPs due to one or other reasons. However, there are certain tools that you can use to unblock blocked websites. You can use proxy sites, VPNs or custom DNS servers to access websites that are not available in your region and unblock YouTube.

Proxysite is another great website to unblock Youtube

Speaking of blocked websites, YouTube is at the forefront. It is one of the most blocked websites in the world. There are several videos that you cannot watch in certain regions. Now, if you are having difficulty accessing YouTube, we have an ace up our sleeve that could help you unblock YouTube, so that you can enjoy your favorite videos without any restrictions. Below we have mentioned the free Youtube proxy websites that could be used to access Youtube even if they are not available in your region.

Important: If your office (or school) has banned some websites on their network, unblocking them could violate their employment policies. Therefore, we do not recommend that you try to bypass the filters in these cases.

1. Genmirror’s Free Youtube Proxy

This free Genmirror proxy website is one of the best methods to unblock Youtube. Provides a free SSL web proxy that can be accessed on smartphones, PCs and tablets to unblock Youtube wherever you are. To open Youtube using Genmirror, simply type the Youtube URL in the website form. If you are using the Youtube Genmirror proxy on a smartphone, it can also save a lot of bandwidth as you will access the proxy versions of blocked Youtube videos. Also, the free YouTube proxy Genmirror tries to keep you anonymous on the Internet. However, the website is riddled with ads that could be a deal breaker for some.

2. Proxysite

Proxysite is another great website to unblock Youtube if you can’t access it. This proxy website has been designed with ease of use in mind. Ads are minimal and do not interfere with user experience. You just have to type “” in the text box of the website and choose the server you want to use on the blocked website. There are around 20 European and US based servers available on this free Youtube proxy website.

3. HMA or HideMyAss

HMA or HideMyAss is another popular name if you want to unblock blocked websites. Your free Youtube proxy is simply one of the fastest ways to access Youtube if it is blocked in your geographic location. Since it is a free proxy, there are certain limitations. For example, you cannot use HMA’s free YouTube proxy tool in more than one tab. If you wish to circumvent these limitations, you can purchase the premium version of HMA which ensures total anonymity while browsing the internet while promising to unblock blocked websites.

4. AtozProxy

If you want a simple tool to access YouTube in your region, there is no better option than Atozproxy. This free proxy website has a similar interface to Proxysite, another free Youtube proxy website mentioned above, but with a more user-friendly interface and less intrusive ads. To use this website, enter the Youtube URL and click the Browse button on the website. Atozproxy uses advanced SSL encryption technology to hide your fingerprints on the Internet and make it untraceable.

5. CroxyProxy

CroxyProxy is a website that can be used to visit any blocked website and Youtube is no exception. This proxy website uses advanced technology to circumvent the restrictions imposed by ISPs and governments. You can watch all Youtube videos using this proxy website. Unlike other proxy sites, CroxyProxy supports HTML5 video and audio playback. To unblock Youtube using CroxyProxy, simply type the URL in the text box and hit the Go button. Another reason we have included CroxyProxy in this list is that it also offers a Chrome extension that eliminates the step of visiting the proxy website. every time you want to unblock Youtube. You can install the extension to access blocked YouTube videos with one click.

Youtube not working? Use these free proxy websites

There are cases in which YouTube does not work. In this case, you can try the free proxy websites mentioned above to watch the videos on the video streaming site. We have tested all the YouTube proxy websites mentioned above and we can assure you that all the websites were working at the time of writing. We will keep updating this list of free Youtube proxy sites.

Lite Android Apps

3 easiest ways to turn any website into Android Apps [Guide]

Installing too many apps on your phone not only slows it down, it also makes it less battery efficient. Many of the apps also ask for invasive permissions, making them a privacy nightmare. One way around all of that is to start a browser and use the websites instead of the apps, but that’s not always a very efficient solution. So today, we’ll show you how you can turn practically any website into a native Android app with full functionality, including a dark mode, a full-screen interface, and more.

Lite Android Apps

Turn any website into a ‘Lite’ Android app

There are several apps on the Google Play Store that allow you to convert third-party websites into native Android apps. We will use three of them for our demonstration today. The first, called Hermit , is probably the best-known app in the segment and it’s also the most feature-rich by far. In addition, we will also use an open source application called Native Alpha that has to be downloaded from Github. Finally, we’ll also show you how to use good old Google Chrome to make Android apps from websites. So without further ado, let’s get started.


Services that do not have fully functional websites will not magically gain native application functionality with the methods described below. For example, Instagram does not allow you to upload images to its website, which means that the application you create will also be similarly hampered.

Application 1: Hermit; Developer: Chimbori

As of now, the best way to turn a website into a mobile app is an app called Hermit (Free). It is available for free download on the Google Play Store. Almost all the relevant features including app building, dark mode, ad blocking, full screen user interface, etc. are available in the free version. Some advanced features, such as scriptlets, tags, content blocker, and custom user agent, however, are behind a paywall.

Hermit allows you to create Lite Android apps in two ways: either by selecting a lightweight ‘out of the box’ app from the app’s existing inventory or by manually entering a URL.

Ready-to-use apps

  • Tap on the ” + ” on the top bar to see the entire library of lightweight apps. Now scroll down to check all available apps and select the one you want. I am using Wikipedia for demonstration purposes.
  • Once you create the Wikipedia lite app, it will appear on the Hermit home page and there will also be a shortcut on the phone home page. You can touch any of the shortcuts to start your lite app.
  • To use dark mode for the newly created lite app, turn on and press the gear icon (Settings menu) in the upper right. Now tap on Dark Mode in the lower right corner of the slide-out panel. The Android app will reload in all its dark-themed glory.

Note: Remember to change the system theme to dark (Settings> More settings> Theme> Dark) to see all settings pages and menus in dark mode.

Create a Lite app for any website

You can also turn any website into a lightweight Android app using Hermit. We are using Beebom as an example, and this is how it does it:

  • Enter your destination URL in the search bar at the bottom and hit Enter. Once the site loads, hit the gear icon in the upper right corner.
  • In the slideout menu, tap Create lightweight app . You will have the option to select the name of the application and edit its URL before finalizing your choice. You can also choose to add a shortcut to the home screen using the checkbox [1]. Finally, click on Create [2].
  • The Beebom web app will be added to the Hermit home screen, as well as your device’s home screen, if you choose that option in the last step. You can start the application from any of the shortcuts.

Hermit is a feature-packed app and works great for the most part. It offers a dark mode option, a borderless full-screen user interface, and even a built-in ad blocker, all of which can be customized for each lite app separately. However, it does have some bugs and in my experience you may need to try certain options two or three times before they work as advertised.

Android application 2: Native Alpha; Developer: Cyclonid

Native Alpha is an open source Android app that can turn any website into an Android app in seconds. Created by developer Cyclonid, it uses the built-in Android WebView to display the website. For privacy reasons, you can use alternative web views, such as Bromite, on rooted devices. Native Alpha is still in its pre-release phase and has yet to be hosted on the Play Store. You can download it from Github (Free) on your Android phone.

  • Note: Native Alpha is compatible with Android Oreo and newer versions only. The developer says support for older versions is in the works, but there is no ETA for that yet. .
  • The first time you start Native Alpha, you will be asked to add a URL to create your first web application. Enter the URL of the destination website . To have a shortcut for the lite app on your home screen, hold the switch to ‘On’ [1] and press OK [2].

Note: You can create lightweight web applications at any time by tapping the red ” + ” button in the lower right corner of the application home page.

The application will automatically download a high resolution icon if the website offers one. If not, hit Set custom icon to add an icon of your choice from your gallery or your installed icon pack. Hit OK> Add once you’re done.

You will now see your new Beebom Lite app shortcut on your phone’s home screen, as well as on the Native Alpha home page.

Still in its pre-release phase, Native Alpha lacks some of Hermit’s features, including dark mode and full-screen user interface. However, there is an experimental ad blocker that is “Off” by default, but can be turned on from settings. All said and done, Native Alpha has fewer bugs than Hermit, and the features it offers are more polished. The app is in active development and the version I used, v0.85.1, was released on January 30, 2021. So let’s hope the developer adds other cool features as soon as possible.

Application 3: Google Chrome; Developer: Google

Do you know that even Google Chrome for Android allows you (more or less) to create a lightweight Android application from many websites? That’s right, Google’s all-conquering browser can build lightweight website apps that have a built-in Progressive Web Application (PWA) manifest. This is how you do it:

Open Chrome and go to the website you want to create a shortcut for (lite app). Then tap the menu button ( three dots ) at the top left. Finally, in the slide-out panel, select Add to main screen .
Note: This will only work in normal tabs and not in incognito mode.

You will have the option to enter a name for the shortcut before Chrome adds it to your home screen.
Note: You can create website shortcuts on Android devices in the same way as with other popular web browsers, including Firefox. .

Note that while the lite apps created by Native Alpha and Hermit work as standalone apps (more like website wrappers), the shortcuts created by Chrome work as a browser tab rather than a separate app. Either way, it’s still a great option, especially if you can’t bother installing another app on your phone.

Create Android apps from websites to save storage space and improve privacy

Turning websites into apps means that you no longer have to grant any invasive permission to run these services on your phone. They also won’t run in the background, sending your private data to their servers and consuming battery while doing so. So, use our guide above to convert websites to apps on your Android phone and let us know which method you chose and for which website. To further improve privacy on your phone, learn how you can change your DNS settings on Android.

Android apps from using data

Prevent Android apps from using data in the background

For someone who does not want applications to perform analysis and share their own data in the background, it may be good to disable their use of data in the background. Not only does it save data and battery on your Android mobile phone , but it also ensures that apps don’t do anything suspicious in the background.

Android apps from using data

For example, you don’t want an offline call recording application to access the data and send the metadata to a third-party server for further analysis. Additionally, you can choose to disable background data usage for apps that are rapidly depleting your internet data plan. So, if you want to prevent Android apps from using them, follow our simple tutorial below.

Tips to Prevent Android apps from using data in the background

1. To prevent an application from using data in the background, press and hold the application icon and tap “ Application Information ” from the pop-up menu. On some devices, you may need to tap the “i” icon.

2. Alternatively, you can open Settings -> Applications and notifications and go to “See all applications” to find the list of all applications installed on your Android phone. Now, open the application for which you want to disable its use. You will go directly to the application information page for that particular application.

3. Once you are here, go to “Mobile data and WiFi” and disable the switch next to “Background data”. Doing this will prevent the application from sending or receiving that data. Keep in mind that the app will still be able to use data when it’s open.

4. In case you want to completely close the access to the data of an application (even when the application is open), enable the switch next to “Disable WiFi” and “Disable data use” It will restrict the application to use mobile data or WiFi even when the app is active. Please note that this option is only available on Android 11 .

On Android 10 or earlier

If you have Android 10 or an earlier version, you must open “Data usage” and disable the “Background data” option .


In MIUI, there is no option to disable the use of this data, but you can completely disable the use of data for an application. Open the application information page by following steps n. 1 or n. 2 above and then select ”Restrict data usage”. Here, uncheck the option for “WiFi” and “Mobile data” and tap “OK.”

Prevent Android apps from using mobile data in the background

Here’s how you can prevent Android apps from using your data in the background. If you are running the realme UI or other versions of Android, then the procedure is almost similar. Just open the app’s info page and turn off data usage.

Availability and price of the Samsung Galaxy A72

Samsung Galaxy A72: all the information, features and price

The Samsung Galaxy A72 is one of the launches that the Korean brand plans to make for the first quarter of 2021. It is the successor to the Galaxy A71, which became one of the star mobiles of last season. Although it has not yet been officially presented, we already know a lot of information about its benefits.

We tell you all the information we have about it, both in terms of benefits and the launch date and price.

Samsung Galaxy A72: Performance and Features

Availability and price of the Samsung Galaxy A72
Technical specifications

In the absence of the official presentation, we still do not have the final specifications that we can find in this new Samsung mobile . But a lot has been published to date, which indicates that some of the benefits that we can find are the following:

6.7-inch Super AMOLED screen with Full HD +
Quad camera with 64MP main sensor
Android 11
Support for 5G
Snapdragon 750G processor
128 / 256GB storage
6 / 8GB of RAM
USB Type C
25W fast charge


Although no official photo has been published at the moment, we have been able to find some renderings that help us get an idea of ??what we can expect from this mobile in terms of physical appearance. The mobile will have dimensions of 165 x 77.47 x 81mm, taking advantage of a large part of the space by having an almost borderless screen .

The selfie camera sits in a tiny spot at the front, so the screen is fully exploited without the need for cuts.


Although the possibility that the Samsung Galaxy A72 came with a 5-sensor camera was rumored, in the end it seems that it will stay at four. For now, the only thing we know is that the main sensor will have 64MP . We will have to wait for its official presentation, or new leaks, to know what sensitivity the rest of the cameras will have. The front camera is expected to feature at least 32MP.

Availability and price of the Samsung Galaxy A72

We do not have official confirmation yet, but in principle the Samsung Galaxy A72 is expected to go on sale next March. The official presentation will probably take place a few weeks before, so your announcement should not take long. As for its price, the version with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage is expected to cost around € 449, while the version with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage will cost € 509

What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy A72? Do you think it is a mobile that will be talked about or will it be lost among so many mid-range offer? If you want to share your opinion with us, you can do so in the comments section at the bottom of the page.