ISO weaker set makes it possible to have a much clearer and sharper images

10 tips to make fun of the Samsung Galaxy S4

You may be a new buyer of Samsung’s flagship smartphone, and you have not had time to go around all the functions presented in this extraordinary Smartphone! Do not worry, this article will show you some tips and tricks so that you can enjoy your Galaxy S4.

1 – Accelerate TouchWiz interface

You should definitely notice the lag time between pressing the home button and the appearance of the home screen? In fact, the S-Voice is the cause of this, because this function is activated once you press 2 times on the home button. If you do not often use this feature, you must disable the words “opening via the Home key” in the parameter S-Voice. So when you press the home button, the home screen is displayed immediately.

ISO weaker set makes it possible to have a much clearer and sharper images

2 – Get a better battery

It is clear that the 2600 mAh certainly will not be sufficient if you need to travel far, and you still can not charge your battery. Of course, the “battery saving mode” function is the best solution because it enables energy savings in CPU, screen, and disable the haptic feedback. For better energy saving, you also need to wean yourself off of some features of Samsung Galaxy S4 as Air Gesture or Smart Scroll. Finally, you must also disable some unnecessary connections such as Bluetooth, S-Beam or NFC.

3 – Customize the Notification panel

Slide down the notification panel to enable and disable features quickly Galaxy S4. One of the new features found in version 4.2 of Android is the ability to customize the notification bar. To do this, you must unfold the notification panel first. Then in the top right you will see an icon with arrows. By pressing the arrow in question, you will immediately see an icon with a pencil where you need support. Then you only have to drag / drop functions you want to access quickly.

4 – Take better pictures

The camera of the Galaxy S4 is known to be accompanied by several features like “Drama” mode or the “Eraser” among other mode. We will not consider it, but the parameters allowing you to take the best pictures on your Galaxy S4. When you open the settings on your camera, you will see that by default, the resolution is set to 9.6 MP with a ratio of 16:9. It is a good ratio for video capture, but surely not to make good pictures. So you need to set the MP 13, which uses a ratio 4: 3 for a better result. You can also change the face detection, ISO, anti-movement, and burst shooting, and automatic night mode at this level.

ISO weaker set makes it possible to have a much clearer and sharper images, despite the fact that photos can be darker. A good ISO setting you will therefore take pictures in a dimly lit environment, but by much against noise.

5 – Use a larger screen

It is possible to share the screen of your Galaxy S4 on a TV screen, provided that the latter is the Samsung brand. To do this, you must go into setting and connection, and down, screen sharing mode. By putting on walking, you will not have to wait for the scan for your device detects your Samsung TV.

You can also use the official Galaxy S4 connector, allowing you to connect your device to any TV via the HDMI port, and view your media on the big screen.

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