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5 best FREE and unlimited VPN for Mobile, Tablet and PC

If you are looking for a good VPN that allows you to navigate privately, you must know how to choose your virtual private network and although on the Internet you will find a wide variety, the truth is that not all are reliable at all, so we have prepared the 5 Best VPN FREE and unlimited 2019 for Mobile, Tablet and PC.

Before looking at this list, we want to clarify what are the VPNs , which are virtual private networks , that allow us to surf the internet in a hidden or anonymous way and also change the location of our IP , so that they will serve us to access content from web pages that usually appear blocked by a question of territory.

On the other hand, we have to talk about the VPN because they are on everyone’s lips, following the latest changes in the Copyright Law in relation to the now famous Article 13 which regulates the content that can be published in large platforms and especially the videos admitted on YouTube.

virtual private network
What is the best free VPN?

The truth is that finding a VPN that is 100% recommended is somewhat complicated, if we take into account that virtually all have some failure, either because they have restrictions of the type that can only be used by a device, or that may stop work to exceed the limit of megas that we have hired, but we tried to collect the best.

Among these we have the CyberGhost VPN which is a free proxy that also has unlimited megas , in the same way that the Opera VPN is also unlimited . But for its against, CyberGhost takes something to connect and after about three hours can also reach, to lose the connection.

Also among the VPNs that we want to recommend you have TunnelBear as well as, although neither is better than CyberGhost although it is easy for us to run out of it once the contracted megs are exceeded. Finally we would have to talk about the Hotspot Shield VPN that is very strong, but that will fill us all the advertising device, and will even be able to change the configuration of the system.

The best Free and unlimited VPN of 2019

CyberGhost: The best unlimited free VPN

CyberGhost is the first of the virtual networks that we want to recommend as we can use both on Windows PC and also on macOS . On the other hand, we can download it in our smartphone but in that case you have to know that it is a payment application for Android phones and for iPhone , with a test week that is free.

With CyberGhost you will find that it has a proxy that will make it possible for us to surf the web in a private way so that it hides us to the point that even our internet provider will not know which websites to consult, since it changes the address of IP and protects us the connection of possible hackers .

This is a VPN that will be great to visit websites or videos that are blocked in our country or for those of you who want to improve the speed of navigation , but the latter is only possible if you have the version of Cyberghost that is payment.

In addition, CyberGhost does not limit the megas that we can consume while you are browsing and it is more than recommended to watch any video on the internet.

Of course, we have to say that with the free version of CyberGhost, you will see how the application closes once the 3 hours have elapsed automatically. So you must restart it and re-enter the data associated with the account to continue browsing in a hidden way.

Advantages of the free version of the CyberGhost VPN

It is operative in almost all countries
Does not have Data Limit
Number of devices that can be connected: 5
Compatibility with Windows and macOS

The Second of the VPNs that we want to recommend is, which has a 2GB transfer limit . In the premium account of you will have 75GB. so this VPN is perfect for web pages although you may fail in the case of wanting to watch videos.

Registering in is completely free and we will only be able to connect a single terminal simultaneously : Windows, Android, maCOS, Linux and iOs . But if we get the premium version we will have access to a private connection of up to 5 devices simultaneously.

Advantages of the free version of the VPN

It is operative in almost all countries
Data limit: 2 GB per month
Number of devices: 1
Compatibility with Windows and macOS, iOS, Linux and Android
Download for PC, Android and iOS

TunnelBear: The High Speed ??VPN

We continue with TunnelBear, a VPN that operates from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France and Japan, so in Spain, they can only use this service when we are abroad. In Australia it can also be used although always hiring the paid version.

On the other hand, TunnelBear is a high-speed VPN that has up to about 12 MB per second. In addition, the installation process and use is very simple for the user.

The reason for using TunnelBear, is because it is perfect if we want to protect the navigation data in case of wanting to have free Internet from a public Wi-Fi network, thanks to the “Vigilant Mode” function, which allows blocking any attack or suspicious content. TunnelBear is also the ideal VPN for traveling abroad.

The network has a limit of megabytes, up to 500 MB per month (that we can expand to 1GB if you write a “tweet” on TunnelBear), so that we can choose to pay the premium version.

Advantages of the free version of the TunnelBear VPN
Data limit: 500 MB per month, expandable to 1GB
Number of devices: 5
Compatibility with Windows and macOS, iOS, Linux and Android


Finally we tell you about Windscribe that we want to add to our list of free VPNs since the free version has very useful features that allow us to improve privacy and thus appear as hidden in front of the browser, so you can navigate as if you were in another country.

Windscribe has very important functions such as using the VPN in an unlimited number of terminals , so with only one Windscribe account you can connect to all the PCs you want. On the other hand, you can protect your device from viruses and malwares , thanks to its built-in firewall and it also has an advertising blocker.

Of course, as it is a free version, it has limitations among which it stands out, having 11 servers available , so that we will only be able to change the IP in 11 different locations. In the paid version however, it can be changed up to 50. It also has 10GB per month, but once used the PC will no longer be protected.

Advantages of the free version of the Windscribe VPN
Data limit: 10 MB / month
Unlimited number of devices
Compatibility with Windows and macOS, iOS, Linux and Android
Download Windscribe for PC, Android and iOS