The issue concerning the safety of your smartphone is one of the themes of greater spread, and in our opinion importance, to the point that many companies are currently looking for increasingly complex systems and safe to put inside of their devices. Exact same speech can then be done at the operating system level, not so much because the privacy of their data is considered critical level “staff” but rather because often the data, files and images that we go to protect constitute true and their sensitive data or information relevant from the point of view business.

Consider, for example, to those working with their smartphone discharging confidential emails on the same or to those who use, for example, to transfer money through the increasingly widespread system of ‘ on-line banking . To all this must be added as well as at the level of public security breaches, and their often uncontrolled and uncontrollable consequences, can cause a loss of image to the company itself (think of the famous case iCloud which involved multiple star the world of film and music stars and stripes). If then you owners of an iPhone and want to be more and more attentive to the issue of safety, please read the following and put it into practice.



The first issue that we face in our article is perhaps the most important concerns and setting the password of your iPhone. Not everyone knows that you can set an alphanumeric password in order to make it impossible to access a third of all the contents of your device. Many indeed stop at the first step, the one suggested by Apple itself and its operating system, and set a numeric password while our advice and do the following: go to “Settings” and then on “General” to enter later in the section which will be referred to as that related to the password (read “code” or “block code” ). At this point you’ll have to deselect the function “simple code” and after entering your current password and then you will be given the opportunity to edit it by entering a more complex and above all alphanumeric . Next you will be asked to reconfirm the new password and to conclude the transaction by accepting the changes. In a few minutes the security level of your iPhone will therefore implemented.


Probably few of you imagined that this “trick” could help level of security, but we guarantee that it is absolutely necessary and effective. But how can you prevent access to Siri from the lock screen ? The process is actually very easy considering that first you need to go to “Settings” then “code” and then on “Allow access if blocked” . At this point we have to do is disable Siri and there will not be permitted direct access with screen locked. Obviously in this way will be slower access to your iPhone because the shortcut Siri will not work with the phone locked but it is the safety of your data.


Let us first of all to understand what this app: do you remember all those times that you are connected to a shared network ? Well when such a Hotel provides guests dipsosizione a shared Internet connection you, as well as browse for free or even for a fee, you run the risk that your privacy is violated. Thus, whoever normally connects via access points should, to protect, to install on your iPhone Hotspot Shield (actually the procedure should be done on each device you used to connect to free networks or shared). There are two types (a free and a paid version), but you should start with the free one and then evaluate how you find it useful to change to payment. If you are interested this is the link to download it .


Although this trick is definitely not among the most common but there may well help in ensuring an adequate level of security to your iPhone. The procedure is very simple in this case: go to “Settings” and then click on “Control Center” . At this point we have to do is uncheck “Block Access to Screen”. Once this is as simple as important steps the control center of your iPhone will no longer be accessible from the lock screen with very good result for the safety of your device designer Apple though, as mentioned above with regard to Siri, will be slower handling of the phone because you will miss a shortcut often very useful. Matter of priority.


We close this list of our recommendations on the safety of your iPhone suggesting installed together on this simple app, completely free of charge (or if your OS version already contains the function you simply need to activate it ), which will allow you if you do not protect your phone from theft, at least you can find it without too much trouble. The procedure to do it is very simple considering that once downloaded and installed this app (and activated) will itself to send, thanks to GPS or to Wi.Fi , the coordinates of the iPhone directly to Apple itself. In this way, you just go into the iCloud, accessing from another device of course, enter your Apple ID within the app and thus receive the location of your smartphone. Also with this app you can also proceed to the remote locking of the iPhone by securing all its contents. But be careful because if the phone is turned off you can no longer perform this procedure but it also said that any thief would do anything if it’s an iPhone it can not ever turn.

What do you think of this guide to the safety of your iPhone ? You will pay more attention from now on, even following our advice, or your habits will not change? Do you have more attentions that you want to share with us and to our readers?