The final option of customization, perhaps next to the earlier but more complete, is to install a launcher on the Samsung Galaxy S3

5 ways to customize the Samsung Galaxy S3

When you make your mobile apart from the rest, if they share the same model as your friends, do so through the home screen customizations is especially tempting in order to make it their own. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a device that has been sold in enormous quantities – the last March exceeded the amount of 50 million units in the market – so it is understandable that users try to give it a more personal point, something can be done in many ways. Cover the device with a case or additional housing is very common, but like to make showy like the Samsung Galaxy S3 on the outside, inside it is also of interest. And for that, what better to do through its flexible home screen. Here are five ways to make your Samsung Galaxy S3 a specialized custom look.

The final option of customization, perhaps next to the earlier but more complete, is to install a launcher on the Samsung Galaxy S3

1. Wallpapers

The Samsung Galaxy S3 allows you to the main screen you place funds at will. In this case you would have several options. The system itself has several preset images, which are designed for distribution to the width across the seven desks is distributed home screen. Funds would be static, dynamic options provided further, in which some elements of the image they move, whether or not you drift away from desk to desk.

You may also use your own dynamic backgrounds using images from our private gallery, formed by pictures taken with the camera or downloaded from the Internet files. In this sense, if you choose an image homegrown, at the time of personalization could cut the fragment of the photo you want to serve to extend along the different areas comprising the displacement of the different desks.

In order to place a custom background in any of these options, just click on the main screen for a few seconds, so you see how dialogue box appears where you could choose, among other possibilities, change the background, either static or dynamic. You may also access your gallery to select an image from a download or a capture with the camera of Samsung Galaxy S3.

2. Floating windows (widgets)

One of the most interesting points of Android in general and customization options in the Samsung Galaxy S3 is particularly the possibility of installing floating windows on your home screen. Floating windows allow you to speak in some way, have direct access to certain applications, while making it possible to manage some of its functions without opening the applications. In this sense, it is very interesting set Samsung Galaxy S3 so that we have to look at the last message received in your account of Gmail you dispose of a small control box music player or you include a window with status summaries on Twitter or Facebook.

To install one or more of these widgets, you can take two routes. A emulates already described: keep pressing the home screen until you pop up a dialogue box whose prospects see the option ‘widgets’. You press there and appear before our eyes the entire library available. It also is within reach from the application menu. If you look at the upper band of the screen from this menu, you will see that there are two tabs, the second of which provides us the above widget library.

3. Icons and folders

Of course, the grid positions to be filled for each of the desks of the main screen of the Samsung Galaxy S3, always available to you as comfortable as possible settling icons which give direct access to your applications more recurrent. In this sense, not only to your liking you could deploy the various boxes on the panel, but also organize them into folders. To do that, you can choose two media.

One, the simplest, makes the folder itself generated simply by placing another icon on the main screen. Once created, you could put the name that most interested you, which is useful if you want to group applications by category or nature. Otherwise generate binders is, as in previous cases, pressing on the screen and selecting building one of these. After this, simply drag the icons-and-contacts and shortcuts for the folder that will be moving into its interior.

4. Topics

Another means to give it a personal point Samsung Galaxy S3 is to use the pre-designed themes that you have in the system memory. This will change the entire look of the home screen incorporating wallpapers, widgets preinstalled and even different animations for transitions between desktops. In this case, you would have to go to the System Settings menu, and in the section where you set dedicated to the display aspects, sounds and storage. Recognize an option called “themes”, which displays the various options available.

5. Launcher

The final option of customization, perhaps next to the earlier but more complete, is to install a launcher on the Samsung Galaxy S3. There are many customized packages of its kind in the app store Google Play. Many of them are free, although it is likely that more interesting you require a case-by step prices two or three euros, approximately.

If you opt for this method of personalization, as it installed the terminal always ask you what type of launcher you want to start every time you access the home screen, unless you indicate that you remember your selection. However, since the system settings could switch the launcher every time you recover far this series.