So one wonders if it is worth choosing the new 5G smartphones

5G smartphones for sale, should you buy them now?

Is it really worth buying a 5G smartphones right now? Could we wait a few more months? Let’s find out together.

We live in a technological era in which the network is about to undergo enormous changes. The biggest change will be with 5G which sees TIM, Wind, Tre, Vodafone, Iliad and Fastweb involved. Do you really need such a powerful network or is it appropriate to keep 4G tight for some time? Let’s try to evaluate the situation.

5G: network performance

Speed and latency will be rewritten parameters for the 5G network. It goes well beyond the 4G Gigabit to meet a 10 Gbps band and even beyond with peaks up to 50 Gbps. By 2025, we plan to reach the 100 Gbps level with a latency that appears very low. Less than a theoretical millisecond to access data on the network. It will take about 4 milliseconds (against 10ms of the 4G network) to face the so-called air latency.

So one wonders if it is worth choosing the new 5G smartphones

Despite these first reassuring data, the laws of physics must still be considered. This means that latency speeds will also depend on the distance between smartphone and antenna and on the number of devices connected to the antenna as well as, clearly, the signal strength and the active presence of any disturbances.

New smartphones

So one wonders if it is worth choosing the new 5G smartphones. Not entirely. The newly released devices impose the limit of 2 Gbps. These are technical conditions related to the structure of the microchips. It therefore takes a break-in period to allow the speeds to release.

The performance gain is clearly noticeable compared to the current 4G. It is clear that an adequate national network infrastructure is still needed. With 5G we will be able to obtain smooth and lag-free 4K and 8K content . We will be able to play and access the cloud without delay. We will have new and more interesting opportunities but, for the moment, the 5G moment is only a phase of transition. Hard to think that you can take full advantage of the network and devices right now. Better to wait a few months.