the mobile systems market is Android and IOS

85% of the mobile systems market is Android and IOS

In case there was doubt, Google and Apple dominate the market for operating systems for smart phones. At least that is deduced from the data of the consulting firm IDC for the second quarter of this year. A growth environments was much more pronounced than for the other. It is, in particular, the Android system, which expanded the market for 106.5 percent, to finish absorbing 68.1 percent of the landscape of smartphones compared with 16.9 percent which is IOS which comes to assume a 27.5 percent more than accounted for in the first quarter.

Android is not, however, the operating system that grew most in presence between the first and second quarter. This distinction lies with Microsoft and Nokia. The first is responsible for Windows Phone, the second, the main supporter in the expansion of the Lumia devices. In the second quarter registered a 115.3 percent more phones equipped with this system over the previous period. Overall, however, only appropriated a 3.5 percent of the pie between computers and Windows Mobile Windows Phone, to be sure, occupying a fifth notes up to the BlackBerry OS, with its 4.8 percent and Symbian, which holds a 4.4 percent share.

the mobile systems market is Android and IOS

Sales of devices, of the 154 million smartphones that were sold between April and June this year, no less than 104,800,000 worked with Android. Less, much less, they did it with IOS: 26 million iPhones were sold during that period. The shower comes with BlackBerry and Nokia: both experienced a sales decline of 40.9 and 62.9 percent respectively.

In the case of the Canadian company RIM, in the first quarter of 2012 sold a total of 12.5 million devices in its professional range, while in the following three months of the year the amount fell to reach 7.4 million units. But in the case of Finland the situation is much worse. 6.8 million Symbian phones were sold between April and June, while between January and March of mobile marketing platform that was based on 18.3 million devices. To see this picture more clearly, it suffices to know that during the first quarter Apple placed just over 2.1 million terminals on the market, the gap is widening at 20.8 million units in the second half.

As an interesting note on the distribution of market share for smartphones systems to be noted the growth expressed by platforms based on Linux: a 2.3 percent of smart phones in the world to work with such an environment – Bada, Meegan, Maemo. Not a bad figure, expressed in terms of units by 3.5 million devices sold in this regard. In fact, the growth experienced by this segment was between quarter and quarter, from 6.3 percent.