Adobe Lightroom do for the iPad

Adobe Lightroom available for Android – soon for tablets!

Photographers will enjoy: Adobe Lightroom is now finally available for Android. So far, however, the app only works on smart phones, not tablets.

Professional photographers who want to go work with similar features like their pictures on the desktop, which can for some time, Adobe Lightroom do for the iPad. It even works pretty well, especially because everything is synchronized with the cloud and is also available on the desktop. Now Adobe Lightroom has finally for Android launched, the app is already in the Play Store.

Adobe Lightroom do for the iPad

The Lightroom app for Android offers a lot of the features that we know from the desktop or from the iPad app. So far, however, the app runs only on smartphones a version for tablets was indeed already been promised, but is not yet available. In the reviews, however, to read that one uses it on a Samsung Galaxy Tab – on one or the other tablet so it could work on the Nexus 7 does not.

It is a pity that Adobe Lightroom has decided to publish only for smartphones. For an app like Lightroom smartphones are a little small – large pictures I’d rather work on a tablet. But this goes far only on iPads.

To use Lightroom on your Android smartphone, you need a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. This is not cheap with nearly 60 euros a month for all products, or almost 24 euros a month for a product. But there is a fairly attractive photography package – for around 12 euros a month you get to have Lightroom and Photoshop, and thus access to the mobile versions.

Interestingly Lightroom is really only if you uses it on your desktop to professionally edit photos, especially because of the cloud support. For everyone else, I would recommend one of the numerous free alternatives such as Snapseed.