here are Android software that allow you to use any possibility of Facebook

Android App too heavy on your smartphone? Try alternatives

Some solutions turn out to be the best of the official Facebook app, too slow on low-end devices.

Using Facebook from your Android smartphone or tablet is a fairly common procedure. The official application is present in all stores, which is among the absolute top download. But soon, you may find yourself in trouble. Facebook in mobile version, in fact, has a complete structure that allows each feature already present on the desktop version. If you have a low-end smartphone or used too many apps in the background, installing Facebook for Android could be a very cumbersome presence, through a process of at least 40mb even when you are not using the Social Network. It could therefore affect the speed and clog the device.

However, there are alternatives. There are Android apps that allow you to use any possibility of Facebook, like the official app, or almost. But most importantly, it allow you to connect to social without a hexose use of system resources. And there are many who do not forget to optimize the app for the cheaper device, so prevalent in countries in the developing world. Zuckerberg also noticed it, creating the project Facebook for Every Phone, used even by those who do not only have an old java mobile phone. And that today counts 100 million users worldwide.

here are Android software that allow you to use any possibility of Facebook

Other Android client are produced by third parties and require permits and Facebook Login. And above all, using banner advertisements of properties that inhibit or reduce the effect of ads on Facebook. However, at the time, really deserves consideration, if nothing else, some because they are not thinking at all.

Among the candidates Seesmic, Fast for Facebook and FriendCaster for Facebook: our attention focuses precisely on this, because of its extreme focus on research performance and low resource consumption as well as to maintain maximum usability in any single operation permitted on the social network.